Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bloggers in the Times of Oman

Dear Readers,
Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I certainly am. You can read Part One and Part Two of the Times of Oman piece written by Sandhya Menon if you like. I enjoyed the article. Yes, that's my pompom/kammasha/second head in the picture. Closest you'll ever get to seeing my face!
.Thanks for all the comments (I'm still having a commenting problem so I can't always respond - damn technology). Thank you to all the losers too for your hate mail. Your insults flatter me. Do continue! And thank you Dragon for dedicating a part of your most recent post to these haters.
Meanwhile, I'm sulking because a flock of about 100 herons seem to have missed their turning to the Salalah bird sanctuary at the beach and instead landed on one of the major roundabouts. Once they realized the grassy flowery roundabout was actually not too bad, they decided to hang out there a little longer. And DAMMIT I did not have my camera with me. I swore at the steering wheel then decided to enjoy the moment anyway and drove in circles around the roundabout.
I was at Lulu Centre yesterday looking for coffee filters when I noticed in the crap drinks section (i.e. Tang), a new flavor was being advertised .... Tang Lemon & Black Pepper. Yes, you heard me. For years and years Oman has been addicted to Tan Mango, Tang Orange, Tang Pineapple, Tang Lemon, etc .... but with PEPPER? Someone investigate please. I'm tempted to go buy some.
That's all for now folks!


  1. Poor birds! Haha ^^

    Aqool, Naddoosh, do you know the English name for Biithaan (Acting like a linguist. It's beethaan, as some people would say)? So do you know it? or at least the scientific name given to it??

    Not the right place for this question. I know that, sorry^^

  2. Coming to think of it NCP, I actually have no idea. I tried to find out before what Dugur and Beethan and Dom were in English but no such luck. I have not seen it in any other part of the world nor have I heard any reference to it. Food for thought ... I'll do a little research tomorrow.

  3. I've been searching for it for 6 years.

    I think Dom is buckthorn, Nadia. I think I know Dugur as well.. if I remembered it I'll tell you.

    Don't you think it's embarrassing? I asked an Omani agricultural engineer about the Beethan's name three or four years ago but he couldn't help me with anything. Someone has to study these fruits and let us know more about them, even sheep know what they're eating.

    The last time I was in Salalah I had the chance to visit Razat Farm. I bet that engineer doesn't know anything of the lovely fruits there. It's annoying.

  4. Nadia,
    Four posts in a row... X

    You are a star, najm!

    No wonder Ms Dragon's been acting slightly jealous.... especially with that sexy kammasha.

    It's fortunate you're not based in Muscat or my roses & diamond bill would really hit the roof...

  5. Oh no, I thought you didn't wear Gamboo3a!!

  6. That was an interesting read! Congrats on being featured in the newspaper- it's an achievement for a blogger!

    I'm very happy to see intelligent and brave women like you blog.

    I wish I had more confidence in expressing my opinions.

  7. as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

    Hi, a friend told me to check out your blog so here I am :)

    Mashallah mabrook on getting publicized like this in the paper :)

    It is true what you said though, that you cannot please everyone.

  8. ooh la la hot 3okfa ;o)


  9. BTW, Nadia, my Dhofari instinct led to me to know something about you =D. Just give me some time to reveal your identity ;)