Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Comment Issues!

Dear Readers,
(1) I am annoyed: for the past month I thought all my readers were busy and not commenting on my posts! Turns out I had forty eight comments to moderate when I went to my bloggers' dashboard! Why did blogger stop sending my notifications by email when a new comment awaits moderation?! And I thought you were all ignoring me :) Thanks Mr. Sythe for asking me about a missing comment. And please accept my apologies for the delay. I guess I'm going to have to check my dashboard from now on. I was counting on email!
(2) For those of you still interested in helping flood victims in Pakistan, donation headquarters in Salalah are at Muadh Bin Jabal Mosque مسجد معاذ بن جبل near the hospital/Khawla high school. They accept clothes, blankets, shoes, etc. Not sure about money, but you can ask (and if you find out, let me know). Please spread the word. They will continue accepting help for the next few weeks. Pakistan needs it and I know all of you have accumulated old clothes and things you don't need. It's the least you can do.
(3) We had a few dry days last week where we were worried the monsoon had stopped. However, a few of days ago it started raining again ... heavily. It's been raining almost non-stop since Saturday and it's actually (believe it or not) rather chilly. I'm even wearing socks at night (without the air conditioning!).
(4) My family 'attempted' an Iftar picnic yesterday in the mountains. Bad idea. Bad bad idea. The Evil Airnoots did their very best to ensure we had a splendid time (not). See my post on Evil Airnoots from last Khareef.
That's all for now folks! What have you been up to lately?


  1. Yeah I was wondering why my comments were not published...glad you sorted it out. Those airnoots are definitely annoying. To see what I am too, have a look at my blog...huggles and love...me:)


  2. ah Airnoots - so thats what they are called - horrible and amazingly sneekly we were plauged by them in Salalah a couple of weeks ago -
    they have cousins in England 'thunder bugs' or 'harvest bugs' as I type one is still looking at me from under my laptop screen (squashed flat by a stupid me !'

    and a question

    is Wadi Darbat filling up with the rain ? it was almost dry 3 weeks ago

  3. I did wonder too and left you a comment asking you that too :P sf

  4. Are they collecting the donations for Pak in Muscat, if so please tell me where...I can at least inform my family and friends...

  5. Hi Nadai,i am just wondering about the above picture is it on your left hand when you driving up the hill.
    I have seen that place somewhere in the middle province.correct