Monday, December 6, 2010


December 25th to 29th for Oman!!! Thank you Baba Qaboos!! It's official.


  1. I think there will have been fewer days worked since 14th November - end December than actual days worked

  2. the private sector workers will have only 3 days holiday form Sat to Mon... :`(
    Qaboos give us at least at least 1 week holiday we are so exhausted searching for the petrol (hehehe i'm so evil i think everyone will guess why i mention that :p) , we don't wanna money as you doubled the government employees' salaries, we don't want anything except a week to get a rest oh :(....

    I don't mind, Qaboos, if you decide to give us an extra salary this month, u know we don't have one this month because we receive it b4 Eid loooooool :p

  3. Maybe the Christians living in Oman can invite their Muslim friends over for Christmas celebrations just like the Muslims always invite their Christian friends over for Eid celebrations.......