Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update 12: Protests in Salalah

Protests continue, though according to my sources, they are stronger than last week. Teachers are also on strike. College of Applied Sciences and College of Technology are back to classes after over a week of being on strike (the students). Dhofar University students were also on strike.
My sources noted that most of the protesters at the general 'political' strike were from the mountains. Evidently, other tribes aren't involved (town people, bedouins, etc). Wonder why...? Reminds me of the Dhofar Rebellion (1962-1975).
I still think that the protesters should calm down a bit and give the Sultan some time to study their needs. Quick solutions won't last. He's done a lot and to echo the Grand Mufti's message yesterday, CHANGE NEEDS TIME.
Regards, Gucci.
PS (pray for Libya - the fact that seven countries have gone to war to bring down one man is insane)


  1. Seven countries went to war to prevent Qaddafi from overrunning the rebel forces in the East. They did not go to war to "bring down one man". Nor would I call it a war, per say. The objectives are much more limited, as is the scope (no-fly zone only=defensive)

  2. Are strikes an effective way to address issues? Muscat Daily polled readers on this thorny issue at http://www.muscatdaily.com/content/collectedinfo/7931
    Strikes do affect the results of each industry they touch, especially education and the economy. If people need jobs, we need a stable economy above all.
    What are the creative and constructive ways to accomplish sustainable change?

  3. Why didn't the Sultan initiate change earlier? Then he wouldn't need to make 360 degree turns in a few weeks.

  4. @John- most changes announced in this short period were actually in the countries 5 year plans (e.g. more power to oman council, 50K jobs, etc)

    The fact that they were rolled out quicker than planned in response to protests doesnt make the country strategy any different.

    I guess it just shows in todays worl, quicker decision processes need to be adopted.


  5. Interesting comment about Libya.

    One man killing his own people in the 1000's seems sane, innit?

  6. ...................March 24, 2011 at 9:42 PM

    @ first anonymous and kapil:

    Of course it is insane - both the crazy "one man" and those that think BOMBING a country is an effective solution to stopping his insanity!

    Innocent people are dying and will die - only now there will simply be MORE of those who die! Goodness - would be protectors that come with planes and bombs, bringing even more misery and death to an already troubled country and its people. This is sane???

    I don't think so ...

    @ Nadia - I pray for them and all others who have ever or will ever be recipients of such "help". Praying is the only thing left to do, the only thing that perseveres amidst all the bs in the world today - the only inkling that while what is true and just may be difficult to discern in this world of ours, they will ultimately prevail.

  7. this message should be delivered to the higher -ups