Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Photos: Festival of the Negroes

Thank you Mahfaif, over at Tahyati Blog for these photos. And our dear friend The Dragon is back with a post on detained blogger Muawiyah Al Rawahi. Check it out here. (PS - I'm mourning Whitney)


  1. someone give the dude in the last pic a frekin shirt !! for the sake of humanity and the sake of keeping my lunch down !

  2. some one give the old dude in the last pic a frekin shirt !! my eyes !!

  3. Makes me smile from ear to ear seeing my brothers in faith carrying on with their dances despite the hardship they face because of their roots.
    Ashoo Ashoo Yalla Ashoo !!

  4. Nadia
    salaams, interesting post on this festival, which I have never heard of before.
    Just added some photos to my blog of my memories of Dhofar - added your blog link - as the expert on the region!