Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jail, anyone?

As someone who has had enough near-death experiences to last me a lifetime (all on Oman's insane roads), I was VERY pleased to read in today's Times of Oman that you can spend up to 10 days in jail if you're caught talking on the phone while driving. Last year I was driving through a quiet neighborhood at 20 km/h trying to find my friend's house. I was inching over a speed bump and eyeing the houses trying to find the right one when she called me to tell me I was outside her house. I picked up the phone and she shouted 'I can see you! Stop at the blue gate!" within 2 seconds I noticed a police car beside me. He gave me a ticket for using the phone while inching driving. I was so pleased, I thanked him. Now if there were more policemen on the HIGHWAY at rush hour instead of in quiet little neighborhoods, our world would be a better place. Please please please ROP, start enforcing. Ten days in jail won't hurt anyone. Take my brothers!


  1. Would be great if they also started sending people to jail who don't put their children in seat belts and let them ride in the front seat!
    Or could it be that these people just don't love their kids enough and have too many of them.....???????

  2. Hi, Nadia, Tell me honestly, were you PLEASED and Did you THANK them for serving notice? :)
    ok, whatever it is, not concentrating while driving is the point, which ends up in accidents however the severity is. That is to be curbed. No second opinions. Your negligence - your life, but not ok; then how come your negligence and others'life is acceptable?
    Oman is plagued with Road accidents. Esp very recently.
    Ten days!! too much? or Need of the hour? Use of GSMs really distracts.
    Some points I would like to share:
    * After 4 rings, cut the call. This is not land line to wait. Let them call or you call later. Very simple!Think of pre GSM era and control the urge.
    * Is this call necessary? Think twice- not only before dialing; even Lifting! (Saving money, time, energy etc. Bonus is 10 days of life)
    * Absolutely we have no idea what is the scenario on the otherside. Beware, your call may be LAST call. If so, it would be haunting for life.
    * If the driving is for longer period, stop aside, assertain the necessasry calls, assume that your phone power would last for few seconds and call to convey with in that period.
    * Always ask permission once lifted (Possible to spare a min or so?)
    * Best way - Silence the phone while driving- No urge would make you to challenge the 10 days.
    * Use of GSM while driving is shortcut to hell within your reach.
    Thanks to ROP.- Netizen from Salalah

  3. 10 days or confiscating phone are not harsh enough! People using a phone while driving are risking other peoples lives and have already killed and injured thousands in this country. It is not a light matter.

  4. They'll be easy to catch. Any Omani male driving slowly can only be doing so because he is on his mobile phone or has his children playing on his lap. My favourites are the drivers who wave both hands in the air when they are speaking on their mobile phone, as if the person at the other end can see them.

  5. e'ry body in Ohman wanna piece ah M....