Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Salma's Chocolates

If you thought Salma's Chocolates were so 'last Eid', you are mistaken. Let's just say I was rather bitter that Muscat Mutterings and Blu Chi received boxes of these heavenly chocolates, so a generous soul sent me two boxes with a very generous messenger. Thank you sender and messenger!

I waited for my choco-holic siblings to return from a trip abroad before I opened the boxes because I think it's un-ethical to eat fancy chocolates alone. The flavors are all Omani-inspired (except the cheesecake!). I really enjoyed the Halwa chocolate, coconut, ginger, and Omani coffee. To be honest, they taste just as good as the extremely over-priced Patchi brand.

As far as I know, Salma's Choclates are available at the Sultan Centre in Muscat. TLS gave directions to her boutique in a comment under this poist. Great gift idea for Eid!

So, have you tried Salma's chocolates? What did you think?
PS (my brother would like to be referred to as Ray Gabana)


  1. I like the fillings, not the quality of the chocolate itself (Patchi included---what a rip for baaaaaad quality cocoa---but then I grew up kind of spoiled for chocolate) but Salma's is decent for a GCC make for sure. The brand just needs better chocolate to be world class because the fillings are great.

  2. Isn't it in a small building by the mosque just behind Zubair Automotive (Athaiba)? If you're coming from the highway, it's right at the Wadi Khalil ("The Well") roundabout, and about 100m on your right. Unless they've moved since Ramadhan.

    Nobody sent me shit. I had to buy some. But they were nice. :)

  3. Ray Gabana LOL!
    What are your other siblings called? :-)))

  4. patchi is gross