Thursday, May 23, 2013

Family Bookshop Moved

NOW... something I AM excited about is the Family Bookshop. Those of you living in Salalah know that the Family Bookshop (used to be on Al Nahdha street) is the pretty much the only store in town selling English books, newspapers, magazines, cards, etc. It's been around for decades and I practically grew up there (the loyal store manager Abdulkhaliq is an idol).

So, a couple of weeks ago I was driving past the old bookshop location and was horrified by a sign on the boarded up storefront. For a moment I thought "ok, this is the end, they've closed, I'm doomed". Then I stopped the car to get a better look at the sign. It said they'd moved to a bigger and better location. YAY!

New Location: Al Saffa building next to Haffa House facing the highway, not on the Max side. For more about the opening, look at Maria's Dekeersmaeker's post here.