Sunday, July 14, 2013

People Gone Mad

Why the heck is everyone so obsessed with the Sohar story this morning? Apparently a mad blonde woman ran into a mosque, grabbed a Quran, ripped it a part and wrapped it around her feet. Judging from the photos, she looked a little mad. I've received at least ten WhatsApp messages today about the incident, each with different details. Some say it was Saham. Others say it was Sohar. Some say it was a mosque. Others say it was a bank. Then another weird photo appeared of the same woman inside a building wearing a Burqa. It's all very weird. ... but who cares?
Why is the whole of Oman up in arms about this? I saw some really disturbing messages on Facebook from people calling for her to be killed. Is this what we waste our time on in Ramadan? People have gone mad. The reason nothing changes in the Arab world is because we are completely illogical and defensive to the point where we can't see straight anymore. It's a shallow view of religion and Islam.
Minor rant. Back to my sit-ups.


  1. This is the first I have heard of it. Though my loop tends to be tv news. Btw something needs to be done about the crazy amount of people whatsapping everything all the time. Driving even. If this was not Oman I would sware there are drunk drivers on the road not just people trying to whatsapp so and so seen somewhere or car crashes. Ok rant over.

  2. I am not sure. I think somebody is trying to play dirty in a wrong way. Why on earth a women in Ramadan's day dose such thing in a patent way in a country as open as Oman.

    Moreover, that is jumping to conclusion for your whats app contacts are not a just specimen. Non of my whats app contacts shared the story with me.

  3. If she really did grab a copy of the holy Qur'an, rip it apart and wrap her feet with it, it IS a big deal, Nadia. It seems you're too concerned about looking like a 'nice little moderate, level-headed Arab girl' to your expatriate masters. I'm not calling for the death penalty, but she should be put away for a long time. Check yourself

    1. Thats quite a rude way of disagreeing with her opinion. Oman is not Saudi Arabia &the culture of rationalisim instilled by Islam and upheld by HMSQ is evident and has surprised many outside Oman and even here in the U.S. There is much to be learned by our friends in Pak,Saudi, and Afghanistan. Keep it up Nadia

  4. Yes, I am level-headed. No one can take my faith away. I trust that our justice system in Oman will ensure that this woman is dealt with accordingly. This isn't the first time someone has insulted Islam. The only difference is that this happened to make it to social media with photos.

  5. She was mad

  6. Whatever..... mad,then we can understand,not mad then it's Haram. Calling for the death penalty...don't make me laugh,GET REAL.Regardless if it's Oman or anywhere else she will have to answer to God/Allah.Not you.

    Throughout the years all religions and followers have been persecuted,not just the Islamic faith. Look around the world and see what is going on by a majority Religion and to add insult to injury they are fighting against themselves.

    This woman probably has alot of problems in her life and as it is the Holy Month Of Ramadan,have a little compassion,understanding and ask WHY.......?

    And before the Sabres are rattled anymore get your own house in order before judging others.

  7. There is more to the story. Apparently, two Omanis told her if she put the Quran on her foot it would cure her foot pain, and then they went to the mosque with her and filmed it. It was at al Al Yahmadi mosque. The two Omanis were arrested also.

  8. I echo Nadia's sentiments, it isn't a huge deal and if this is what we muslims are getting worked up about then we really have problems. The woman needs medical help, not death penalty

  9. Yes Nadia!!! I agree. Choose your battles.