Monday, March 10, 2014


Why yes, my last post was on January 20th. And yes, about a MILLION things have happened since then. I was planning a post on Saturday March 8th to mark International Women's Day. But then horrible things happened that made me despise the way women are treated in Oman sometimes, so I put that post on hold. I didn't want to vent 'on' women's day itself otherwise I'll get harassed by all the Oman internet trolls who have nothing else to do and who keep accusing me of spreading Oman's dirty laundry to the 'expats'. Well, why should we hide? Problems don't get solved unless you bring them out into the open and talk about them. I can't become a renaissance spokesperson who assures the world that things are peaches and cream in Oman as usual. Life isn't peaches and cream anywhere. And I'm not anyone's spokesperson. I'm Nadia. A blogger. A fierce feminist in the works. Someone who feels more comfortable highlighting issues through writing. I'm not a social person. But I'm strong-willed and determined to improve the situation of women in Oman, in whichever way I can. Blogging is only one aspect of my life. I do a lot more. And I will do a lot more until I feel satisfied in my old age that I have contributed to the empowerment of women in my conservative society (Dhofar). 

Several incidents over the past two months have caused me to grow very bitter at times. These incidents involve ill-treatment and disrespect towards women close to me. I have tossed and turned in bed for nights on end with a heavy heart. Sometimes I think things are improving, then society turns around and slaps me in the face to remind me that shit still exists for women. I'm lucky, but many women around me are not. Forced marriages, social-pressue, in-law abuse, control-freaks, etc etc etc. Salalah is not going to change fast. 

I will try to write when I am not so bitter... not so angry. I will try to be objective and less furious in my writing. It is difficult but I will try.

Until then, I hope you forgive me for not writing everyday like I used to. I'm working full time and completing an additional degree. It's not easy. I had to prioritize. Few months and I'll be back to normal. 

Yours from my quiet corner in Dhofar, 



  1. Come on Nadia...I did think...about your long silence. Best wishes for successful completion of your degree. You are what you are... you can’t live to others dogma... Nadia can live as Nadia only.. any other incarnation is simply not you.
    Overnight things will not change.. Lack of awareness is a prime reason for all the troubles u narrated herewith...
    It will take decades if not centuries.. Change is the only constant which we all witness always.
    In my opinion, if you turn even one stone, it is a success. Its dhofar - one+Nadia. Don't expect to reap for the seed what u sow today.
    A paradigm shift is required.
    Understanding the life itself is a challenge. Then comes living life – then ..
    Recounting at the fag end will not benefit anyone. The lost past should be felt and acted upon to take right action.
    Let us LIVE; not pass the days. Mere ‘’presence” on this planet doesn’t accrue as a life.
    So keep aside your worries; start seeding; Make a change; LIVE, but happily.

  2. Do come back soon.

    Miss reading your topics. One advantage of being a blogger is that you can actually vent using this platform

    let it out.....

  3. Our RSS readers await next post...........

  4. Hi, don't worry about these trolls, 'who keep accusing (you) of spreading Oman's dirty laundry to the 'expats' ' because they expose themselves everyday without any help from a blog to expats with their crazy behavior toward expat women. It's not like we don't notice and our husbands do too. We have all been followed, harassed etc and in 'normal places' like at hypermarkets or at the playground while with our children even. I wish I had a video. Considering the age of some of the Omani men I assume a lot of them are married. Best wishes.

  5. Missed your wonderful informative comments and views on local issues. As a British woman living and working in Salalah I look forward to your informed insights.

  6. Change is difficult and there will always be resistance to change. Not only to WHAT you want to change but also because of change itself. People get put in the spotlight and pulled out of their comfort zone. Many people prefer a bad situation to the energy it will cost them to change their situation.

    It's going to be tough, it's going to hurt, you're going to loose sleep over it. It's good that you're taking a breather. It will give you time to reenergise, to look at the bigger picture again and to focus.

    You're not alone. Even when you don't blog, we are thinking of you. :-)

  7. Although I have left Salalah now, I have fond memories of the place and of your blog, which was always the best way to find out what was going on and when the holidays were. Your blog really is very helpful and appreciated by many people.

  8. Hi Nadia - please delete my comment - I hadn't finished it and it published with my friend's name (i'm on her computer) Sorry Anne