Sunday, November 15, 2009


I'm officially sulking today. I'm not speaking to anyone and I've got a permanent scowl on my face. My friends and I drove to Haffa beach, known as 'The Corniche' last night, parked in front of one of the huge screens broadcasting the Oman-Australia game, switched on the radio to listen to the game, and prayed. It was like a torture session. At one point I had my hands over my ears and my eyes were shut so I wouldn't have to hear what happened after the penalty kick. What torture. Police were scattered all over town ready to handle the chaos on the streets in case Oman won. Sadly, after a series of near-goals and near-firecracker attacks, and damn the kangaroos, Oman lost.
How the heck are we supposed to celebrate National Day on Wednesday when (a) Australia beat Oman IN OMAN last night, and (b) when Oman is playing against Brazil on Tuesday IN OMAN? (is it Tuesday?) ... If Oman loses again, I'm giving up my citizenship and moving to Finland.


  1. LOOOL!
    That is a harsh statement!
    You know there is a BIG chance that Oman will lose against Brazil, right? realistically speaking.

    Last night I went to the City Center, cause I knew it will be empty! and it was great!
    I was worried about the drive back home if Oman won...

    So calm down and be happy that Oman has this oppertunity to play against strong teams..
    and don't move to Finland!

  2. Our National team is expired.. thats it.
    Mr Khalid bin Hamad mustsearch for new talents..
    The existing team is sooooooo old, the players are شيوبه خلاص

  3. come oooon !

    omani team is good! they are small and fast! however they should eat more gm chicken to get bigger for power shots.

    of course they will lose to brazil, but that is the whole point of the game - it is to entertain the masses for the national day: bread and circus !

  4. boxster -

    The ONLY thing going for the Oman team is their speed.

    Their strikers are worthless, as evidenced by last nights circus show.

    Brazil obviously wont field a full side, and it's a friendly - and there is no downside to having another game - it means more exposure at the world-class level.

    Obviously though, hopefully no one in the crowd this time tries to injure the footballers on the field with fireworks.....

    محفيف is right.... time for new talent, well, at least new strikers.

    Nadia - enjoy Finland, but remember to pack your thermal underwear! I hear its pretty cold there this time of year ;)

  5. It's not all that bad, try being an English Rugby or Cricket fan instead!As a result I moved to Oman! LOL ;0)

  6. tsk tsk, Ms. Gucci! If you moved to Finland, you'd have to change your blog title to 'Finland Gucci' and just doesn't click. Then the whole thermal underwear thing like another person commented on...I dunno.

    You know, I was there at the stadium when we won the Gulf Cup. Never experienced something so exciting ever! :)

  7. iam really wondering!!!!!!!! how can you expect form a team that has no concret support within the country itself to win.
    bear it in mind as long as there are no tough challenges and intensive machs against each other i mean Omani teams(Dhofar,Muscat,Saweeq etc)and choose those skillful players there is no hope of winning.
    Regard to your immigration i recommend you to stay because it is not reasonable cause to leave your birthplace.

  8. aha.... I am sure you have Nokia.. Is ithat why you wa`na move to Finland?

    By the way I've heard from a reliablesource (Rueters) that Finland is so bluddy HOT. Do not believe the images you see in the TV or comments about it's cold climate !!!!!!

  9. It was quiet dissapointing to see the stadium half empty! This was nothing close to what it was like during Khaleeji early this year.. ah well, tomorrow's match is gonna be more a dream come true for those wishing to see the Brazilian celebs LIVE than acually cheering for the national team.

    wow imagine going to the northest part of Findland at this time of the year where the sun doesn't rise for almost 3 months or so! :D

  10. Hey Everyone! Greetings from Helsinki! Finland isn't as bad as I thought! I decided to move a little earlier because I couldn't handle the tension of today's game with Brazil. I'm hybernating. Come visit!