Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Omani Zombies

Please read this article on Omani witchcraft & 'zombies'. Saleh Al Shaibany's choice of words sent me into a fit of hysterical laughter as I imagined the evil Omani zombies working at slave labor camps in Bahla. I read his articles regularly but this one is really amusing. I know a lot of it is believed to be true in Oman, especially in Salalah where voodoo and witchcraft is big. Taqah, the small fishing village outside Salalah, is the witch-town of Dhofar. Dhofaris in general won't visit Al Baleed archaeological site because they believe the place is cursed. Security guards quit regularly because they're terrified of guarding the place at night. Khor Ruri Valley after Taqah is supposedly the meeting place for witches and spirits. Rumor has it that the valley is guarded by a red fox. That, I know, is true because I've seen it several times. Anyway, I'll blog about witchcraft and spirit beliefs in Salalah some other time. Today I'm merely entertaining you with this article. Cheers.


  1. Hmm, all I can say is interesting..

    And you only posted this here when I'm sitting alone at home with the workers causing bombs upstairs instead of working ='[

  2. One thing, the pic is so so damn interesting!
    when'll you write??

  3. Voodoo and witchcrafts are becoming attractive for those who alaways look for instant solutions for their problems.
    Am not sure about what I am hearing from time to time that so many women in Oman are trying to keep their husbands using this way!
    IS that true Nadia?

  4. Trying to keep their husbands? Hmm... I'll have to ask. I know women use it a lot. ESPECIALLY women.

  5. Money makes the mare goNovember 17, 2009 at 4:20 PM

    I have visited albaleed during the night time. I did not really see any SAAMRI magician's after effects, lol. Or anything scary. It's rather an archealogical(dont know if I spelt it right) site and should be promoted as a toursit spot in Khareef season. The Government should also put a ticket on it as it could generate a considerable revenue during Khareef Season.

  6. Money makes the mare goNovember 17, 2009 at 4:21 PM

    Well Nadia I really like your Specs!!!

  7. Nadia, I just read the article.Is it true by the way?I believe in jinns as I'm sure all muslims do.
    I also happen to know a close relative of mine who was possessed last year.Alhamdulillah she's recovered from that now.But its so spooky really.Ever since I heard abt my cousin,I do not miss a single day's muawazaytain/the last 3 surahs of the holy quran and the ayatul kursi at night.

  8. Where did you get that picture? You're scarin' me, Nadia!

    The whole witchcraft / voodoo thing just freaks me out. Never in my life before I came to Oman did I hear so much talk about it until I came here. Back home, talking about that stuff was a big no-no in our house. It was just something that was wrong and sinful.

    If we know that it's really wrong to do in Islam, why is it so prevalant and a common discussion here? It's talked about in family get togethers, it's talked about when you visit someone in the hospital. Dang! I just don't want to talk about it or even hear about it!

    Now, tell us more about that fox you saw! HA HA.

  9. Ah, the stories I could tell...

    The Dragon is offering the most successful incantations and spells available.

    For a small consideration to the bank account of my choice, I can summon the very angels themselves to assist you in keeping one's husband/boyfriend/some one else's boyfriend... you name it.

    Satisfaction guaranteed.

    Let the Dragon do the voodoo that he does soooo well, for you...

  10. I do know that its mostly women who use these voodoo or fall under the assumption that a witch or someone would help solve their problems. It's shirk and Allah s.w.t is the only answer for all our prayers. sf

  11. L_Oman, I created that photo using a photo of a zombie, the dishdasha off a sheikh and the cap off a schoolboy. Then I did the whole thing in grayscale so it wouldn't seem too obvious that I cut and paste. As you see ... I take my posts seriously.

  12. I put Khor Rori to the test a few years ago... A Muslim couple (friends) from Muscat wanted to camp with me somewhere handy to Salalah, so I thought to myself, Why not Khor Rori?! I didn't tell them about the associations until the next day... But we all had a good night's sleep - other than a bit uncomfortable on the rocky ground. :)

  13. I don't think so. We were about 300 metres away on the Salalah side of the khor - Oh, and it was a Thursday night too!!! I have heard a lot of stories about the place over the years... BBC journalists who disappeared into a cave and never came back; women in a cave late on a Thursday night! etc

  14. Nadia,

    I wrote a topic on how to become a witch in Oman, you should check it out... compare notes ;)

  15. Dear, sorry.. I have to correct u in something... not Al Baleed site but KHOR RORI ones... that's the place full of Jiny. Btw, in all these years working there never had the chance to see one ... :(
    did I do something wrong? Or they show up only to Omani Nationals??

  16. Chiara, Khor Rori is definitely the Jinn hangout area according to the locals. And they don't go there because of this. But Al Baleed they believe was cursed by God and that's why they don't go there. I met a security guard who said guards quit on a monthly basis because they won't do the night shifts.

    1. Nadia

      I am interested in writing about this topic and curious to know more. More information would be helpful.I am really fascinated by landscapes and tales of Oman.