Friday, January 15, 2010


Sadly, I missed the first solar eclipse of the millenium that occured this morning at around 10:00 a.m Oman time. Sleep is precious. I had prepared my set of heavy film-negative goggles that make it safe to watch, and I was kind of excited. The last one happened when I was a child, and I remember my mother making the glasses for us using old film negative, and I remember waiting for it to happen. It was so amazing. The majestic sun disappeared and turned black in broad daylight. Of course, many superstitious people are terrified of solar eclipses, but all I can say is 'Subhan Allah'. Our universe is amazing and inspiring.
Did any of you watch it? Anyone remember the eclipse that happened back in early 1992?


  1. Well, I think I forgot about it. Bad luck.

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  2. Wow, i didn't even know!...:(....Hopefully i won't be too old for the next! I agree, the universe is amazing and inspiring.

  3. I waked up early this morning but I did not remeber to watch.
    In addition to that I am scared since the last eclipse.They told us in the media if you don't protect your eyes you'll be hurt. So it is better to watch it in TV reports(lasy)! than loosing your eyes since we have no information how to do it the right way!
    I am going to prepare myself for the NEXT eclipse!

  4. the one in 1992 was partial - I got a photo of the sun rising over the Palace in Muscat as a partial eclipse

  5. I watched it live on Indian Channels

  6. I was out at 10 am having breakfast at the beach that day, and I did not notice or see anything!

    Was I in a different world or something?

  7. Sadly missed it, i think i was in grade 3 for the last solar eclipse.

  8. Yup!!! Was in kenya!! And a few weeks witnessed the lunar eclipse, on the new year's eve, it can't get better than that ;)) sf