Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What the hell are they thinking??!

Read UD (Muscat Confidential's) latest post here. VERY VERY DISTURBING. What has the world come to? The brother of the current ruler of UAE, Sheikh Issa (Sheikh my a**) NOT guilty????? Rape a man, torture him, beat him, stuff his face with sand, cover his wounds in salt, shoot at him, rape him some more, ON VIDEO seen by the whole world on every possible channel from CNN to BBC, and in the end walk away a free man because you were under the influence of drugs and thus not in your right mind???? I did not sleep last night.


  1. Tell me about it!! I'm still in shock phase.

    I liked what he said there:
    "Funny how 'torturing the hell out of someone' was not actually one of the reported side effects... "

  2. WTF are you serious? This after the story of the UK woman being charged for her own rape in the UAE throws me over the edge.

  3. Nither judge nor principle, we should be aware of judgement because we are not capable of doing so we need evidenc and proofs.
    Do you know why that video has been created? there are reasons the matter is complicated.
    the person who did that Video has fanical aims, when he did not get what he wants he released that video.

  4. Oh God, mom and dad! I just saw a part of the vid. That one they call Sheikh isn't a human!!

    7asbi Allah wa ni3ma l-wakiil!!

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  6. It goes like this.. high ranking official does HARAM ( taking drugs,) and commits futher Haram ( hurting and abusing a person) but because he is a high ranking person he is let free...VERY UN ISLAMIC.
    This makes me sick hearing of such news and also even more angry that the gov did nothing, just goes to show munafiqs (hypocrits) are growing at are large rate.

  7. This is actually really OLD news, I remember stumbling upon the blog dedicated to his torture videos and details of the torturous acts he carries out on his victims. When I checked again for it recently, I wasn't able to find it, it disappeared!

    I've been reading your blog for awhile now, I usually go to Dhofar every summer for holiday to escape the heat during the summer!