Saturday, March 27, 2010

Book Fair Salalah 2010 معرض الكتاب

Quick note. The annual Book Fair is on at the Ministry of Heritage and Culture (between the Governor's office and the Women's Association) for another week I think or more. This year there are some FANTASTIC reference books. I bought a book on eco-tourism and another on dragons. Oh... and I also bought Twilight (English) and the Arabic translated versions of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's books. Hmmm... I also bought Girls of Riyadh. I've read it but I don't own a copy, so I figured I should. Echoing Rania, GO CHECK IT OUT!


  1. Where is the governor's office? I want to go to the Book Fair to by "How to Cook a Potatoe", am sure there are lots of books about cooking :)

  2. Thanks for the info you posted about the location of the book fair - both here and on Rania's blog!

    Having said that, now I'm going to risk sounding oh-so-horribly ignorant, I do not know where neither the Governor's office nor the Women's Association are ... can you help?

    Trying to learn, it just takes a little time :)

  3. You gotta love a place with reference books about Dragons...