Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Dear Friends,
I am disappointed because I have not heard or seen ANYTHING in Salalah about Earth Hour 2010. For Earth Hour 2008 I know of a couple of professors at the local university who arranged an Earth Hour event. Last year's event wasn't so successful. Other than that, I don't think anyone in this town has any idea what Earth Hour is. In fact, perhaps many of your readers aren't aware of this global climate change initiative either.
On the last Saturday of every March, at 8:30 p.m to be exact, people all around the world turn off their lights and electrical appliances for one hour. In 2009 over 4000 cities in around 90 countries officially switched off the lights to pledge their support to the planet, making Earth Hour the world's largest global climate change initiative. Hundreds of millions of people! Oman can definitely do it. I know some of the major hotels in Muscat are joining the cause tonight, but what about everyone else?
Where the hell is the Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs? What is their role in this climate change initiative? Can someone enlighten me? Why not organize a walk along the beach from 8:30 to 9:30 ... hundreds of people would turn off all the electricity in their houses and join the walk if only it were advertised properly.
I may sound a little annoyed. Forgive me, I haven't had my usual dose of caffeine. I am definitely going to switch all the lights and appliances off in my home tonight. I encourage you to do the same. Switch off your laptops and TVs, and do something real. As for me, perhaps I'll go take a walk. Rania, care to join me?


  1. ... Wow that's a great initiative! Glad you're spreading the word. :-)

    Can I make another suggestion that would also help nature ?: Say NO to all the plastic bags you get at the supermarket (or at least make them fill-up the ones that you get) and don't leave any rubbish (including cigarette buts!!!!) lying around in this beautiful country after you've had a pick-nick.

  2. Totally agree, my lights will be out!!

  3. My lights (and appliances) will be off and my husband and I will be going for a walk, good idea!

  4. Though I'm a keen environmentalist, I feel that this is a very stupid idea (ppl are already switching their lights off every night when they go to bed :)).
    We cannot just pretend to be cautious about the environment for an hour and immediately go beck to old habits after it finishes!!!
    There are different measures to be taken by the Government, Private sector and individuals to demonstrate environmental awareness.
    We need to upgrade our schools’ curriculum to accommodate for environmental awareness. We need to formalise and gradually enforce recycling of our waste.
    It’s no more enough for companies to get ISO 14001 to be considered green (I'm so mad that the ministry of commerce and Industry does not force plastic bags manufacturers to make degradable plastic bags - Guys u cannot imagine how simple this step is, all they need is to add a chemical at the extrusion stage that will make the finished product biodegradable so that it will degrade and disappear in a short timescale, leaving no fragments, no methane and no harmful residues).
    We need to see more hybrid cars on our streets (the only available model in Oman is the Lexus600Hybrid which cost around R.O 60k :( )
    There are lots of effective ways by which we can save our environment. However, switching off our lights tonight, coz every1 else is doing it, is just so lame.

  5. I agree with Fdayooh.
    Isn't it a danger that people think switching off the lights for an hour is all they have to do...

    our per capita consumption of energy is horrible.

  6. ... Don't agree with your last paragraph Fdayooh no1 kmayooh! We have to start somewhere. Initiatives like this get people thinking. I know it's only small but see what Nadia's post has already got us writing about.
    But you are totally right about enforcing recycling and degradable plastic bags. Oman is so far behind many countries in this respect. It's really too bad because there are few countries that have as much to lose as Oman has nature-wise.

  7. so true, we all have a responsibility to our earth. I will also turn off all lights at my place.

  8. FNK and UD,

    Why cynical? At least Oman did what other countries did.. even though I don't care about that.

    I believe that those who chose to turn off lights are the people who are aware that this is not enough!! all others who didn't give that a damn are just ignorant and don't care. ok I'm not "generalizing!"

    PS: 1. FNK: you're a muslim. I believe you know the hadeeth of the palm shoot/seedling!
    إذا قامت الساعة وفي يد أحدكم فسيلة، فإن استطاع أن لا تقوم حتى يغرسها، فليغرسها

    2. Ahem, I wonder if Dragon knows what "fdayooh" means.. *rofl* Xp Such a funky name!

  9. NCP don't get me wrong, it’s just that this reminds me with the Arabic saying (اقتل القتيل وامشي فجنازته)

  10. Fdayooh No1 Kmayooh has the funkiest nickname ever!!! *five zillion thumbs up*

    On earth hour- i did it, cuz it felt nice, but we need to have more awareness esp at school levels.


  11. awwwwzzzzzzzzzzz,, 7arqini inti bas ya ADG,, keybordish el7low.

  12. Earth Hour was fun this year. Just had a good night playing card and board games.