Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tropical Storm Update (6)

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the 16 victims of Cyclone Phet. The newspaper reports this morning are sad. Evidently the ROP (see above image if you can read Arabic - was published in today's newspapers) will be questioning people who put themselves and others in danger by going into wadis or even going to 'stare' (the ultimate Omani hobby). According to my fellow blogger Reality, an ROP officer drowned trying to save a kid who was 'swimming' in a wadi. I SALUTE THE ROP FOR DOING THIS.
And finally a kind reminder to the childish readers who go out of their way to type up long sarcastic responses to my posts .... I apply comment moderation and will not publish them. So, don't bother yourselves.


  1. To be honest, the ROP do everything they can when things go bad but the citizens just don't bother listening until someone close to them dies or enters the hospital. This may be harsh but it is the truth.

  2. somebody getting killed by electrocution is one thing - but trying to drive a car (full of your family) through a raging wadi or as you say Nadia - swimming (do they teach swimming in Gov. schools in Oman?) in a flowing wadi is asking for problems - so why should other people sort them out . The 2002 cyclone in Salalah had more deaths from search and rescue (I think) than civilians

  3. That's so sad. They were showing a video clip on Oman TV of 2 young boys playing near a raging wadi. Even the presenter made a comment. The government can warn people but can't prevent them doing stupid things.

  4. May they rest in peace.

    It's really frustrating how some people are just too careless when it comes to their lives, their own lives!!

  5. Good update!
    Sad to hear that people leave such nasty comments on your blog. It happens to others, believe me! Ah, the beauty of comment moderation! :-)