Monday, June 7, 2010

Tropical Storm Update (7) - The Aftermath

More poorly constructed Omani roads ...

And of course, McDonalds as usual :-)


  1. Dumb people crossing wadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss. My gosh, if your car is street-car (low undercarriage clearence) it isn't gonna cross a flood plain. And on the radio the whole time, stay AWAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY from the wadis.

    All of Muscat is pretty much cleared up now but roads are cracked and the road to Al Amerat and Qurayat still pretty bogged down.

    Muscat Confidential pretty much summed up what we need to change before next time. Better internet updates by gov..., hydro surveys before building or at least having proper inspection to ensure things are made-flood safe, something to be down to make the dams easier for debris to be cleared.... Lots to be done.

  2. DC, if you wanna see an example of poorly constructed roads, I invite you to visit Bombay, it'll change your opinion forever LOL!

    But I still feel that the Omani govt. did well in dealing with Phet, I mean, lessons learnt during Gonu were quite apparent and for all to see.

  3. Advice has been available on flood risk for building since the early 1990s at least. I know the lady who has been in charge of this division at the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources and the Ministry of Water Resources before that. She gets very upset because even when she offers warning and advice, builders and developers ignore it.

    Mind you, I'm not sure how much of the country is covered by these flood risk maps, but it really isn't that hard to predict.