Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eid Announced

Yes, guys. For the first time EVER, Oman is following astronmic calculations for Eid. There will be no moonsighting committee next Monday. The first day of Eid will be August 31st, 2011... next Wednesday. So ... dare I hope for a holiday on Tuesday/Wednesday and then Saturday/Sunday? This is a huge step for Oman. For the first time, people may just be able to plan their Eid vacations! (it will be announced in the newspaper tomorrow - keep yer eyes peeled)


  1. Not too long and I can wish you "Happy ʿĪdu l-Fiṭr"! I am wondering, whether you received my email (or whether it landed in your spam filter).
    Kind regards,

  2. hey love your blog and love to hear about oman its cool to findout how muslims around the world live and learn about their life experiences and learn new things. Keep up the good work sister. check out my blog any suggestions would be great

    oh yeah and Eid Mubarak in advance

  3. What source? For the news regarding the moonsighting committee or my comment?

  4. I heard that too, am surprised that its announced. Don't they need to check the moon before announcing eid to the public?