Friday, November 4, 2011


more updates on the weather situation:
1) according to authorites approximately 20 minutes ago, the danger is over and rain is expected in dhofar in the next 24 hours. the storm is weak and life can go back to normal.
2) it rained last night and this morning in salalah until 11 a.m.
3) the waterfalls at darbat are running (first time in years). for some incredible photographs, check out faithful mahfaif at (see my blogroll)
4) the flight situation yesterday was insane. my cousin (in the dhofar football club) was stuck with the team for 7 hours yesterday at muscat airport. the 10 am flight took off for salalah, arrived in salalah then turned around and came back without landing. the 2 pm flight was delayed and they still didn't know whether they were going to salalah at 9 pm (8 hours in the airport!). the 3:30 flight was delayed until 8:35 pm then delayed again. the 7:20 flight was delayed then evidently took off and landed safely as well. all those people were stuck at muscat airport. not many left the airport because then they'd lose their bookings and may not be able to find another flight before eid. thing is, all of them were checked in before they heard their flights were cancelled. and no, oman air did not send our text messages to passengers nor post information on their website. in fact, the 2 pm flight wasn't even on the flight information screens. those poor passengers.
5) the reason my punctuation sucks today is because i'm typing thjis on my iphone and it won't let me blog using capital letters. forgive me.
cheers, nadia

ps (his majesty freed 156 prisoners tonight)

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  1. I was stuck at the airport with your cousin yesterday! I don't know who your cousin was but I hope he wasn't among the noisy ones haha!

    I had a headache but I had to wait for long hours too. I'm very disappointed with some of the Salalah men there. It seemed that they took every chance to get angry and shout at the security and the staff there. It was a matter of weather and they should've shown more consideration for the decisions made by those concerned about our safety.

    Eid mubarak x