Thursday, November 3, 2011

More news

it's official folks. 11 people are dead until now and there are several people stuck in wadis. ... all flights to salalah were cancelled today and there are hundreds of frustrated passengers in departures roaming through duty free. evidently a plane landed roughly yesterday at salalah airport during bad weather and damaged the runway. does anyone have more information about this?


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this information. Us ex-pats find it very hard to find out local info. It's great that you publicise what's going on. Shukran Jazeelan!

  2. ... Well the Oman Air site doesn't seem to give any info on this. Neither does the arrivals/ departure webpage for the airport in SLL. Would be great if we could get some info from somewhere...

  3. Nadia - confused - heard and saw several aircraft take off and land today?? Living at the airbase!!!

  4. A flight finally went to Salalah about 11pm and landed safely.

  5. From Oman Observer:

    Salalah flights disrupted as plane blocks runway
    Fri, 04 November 2011

    By A Staff Reporter -
    MUSCAT — Flights in and out of Salalah International Airport were disrupted for several hours yesterday after an Air India Express aircraft suffered a punctured tyre as it was landing, effectively blocking the runway, authorities said.
    None of the roughly 80-odd passengers on board the aircraft suffered any injuries in the incident, which occurred at the end of a scheduled flight from the south Indian city of Kochi yesterday afternoon. The passengers and crew disembarked safely, they added.
    With the aircraft stranded on the runway, a number of flights into and out of Salalah were either delayed or cancelled as a result. It was only at around 6pm yesterday that the aircraft was successfully towed to a parking bay, it is learnt.
    Meanwhile, a team of technicians from India is expected to arrive in Salalah today to examine the stricken aircraft and put it back into operation as quickly as possible. Regular services on this sector will resume only when the aircraft is airworthy again, according to officials.

  6. Hello Everyone,
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