Sunday, March 4, 2012

Holy Mother of Duststorms

Salalah is engulfed today in a cloud of dust (or several). The mountains are completely invisible and most trees are bent sideways. I'm warning you to stay away from Al Baleed Road (the one that connects Dahariz to the Corniche). My windshield almost succumbed to a flying coconut about an hour ago.
PS (yes, I safety-pinned the bottom of my abaya to the laces of my converse sneakers. that's how bad it was)


  1. Had trouble keeping the car on the road. Hope this is over soon!

  2. How much days it will continue like this

  3. Did this storm sweep across the whole gulf?? I heard reports from friends all over the place.

    LOOOOOOLLLL at the pins on the shoes HAHAHAH