Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today in Salalah!

Hi Everyone! Wednesday at last. Thought I'd remind you about two events that are taking place in Salalah today. Both are free and require no registration.

THIS AFTERNOON: Ministry of Health & National Association for Cancer Awareness & Salalah Nursing Institute are organizing a 'Walk for Cancer'. Gathering at Salalah airport parking lot at 3:30. Walk starts just after 4 p.m. The group will walk to Al Nahdha clock tower and back again.

THIS EVENING: Ministry of Tourism is hosting a South African event at Al Murooj Theatre in Itteen. Event starts at 8:30. Entrance is free. I hear the Ibuyambo Ensemble is very good. Look them up on YouTube


  1. Saw Ibuyambo in Muscat on Monday Night, and they were absolutely brilliant. The music, the songs, the dancers are all fantastic, without exception!!
    Do whatever you have to, but get along and see them. They are well worth it.

  2. عرض رائع بكل معنى الكلمة ... ندمت اني ما شليت الكيمره ... في انتظار العرض التركي بعد اسبوعين

  3. What an amazing and hectic day for Salalah !! The South African group was Outstanding... Dazzling is the word :)

  4. both events were AMAZING. The African dancing was out of this world!!!!! THANKS!

  5. I enjoyed the African performance very very much. Best I've ever been to in Oman!


  6. Fantastic performance from a very talented group. Hope to see more acts of this calibre in future!