Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Horizon Fitness Salalah

Many of you may already know that the popular Horizon Fitness (25+ branches in Muscat?) arrived in Salalah last week. They opened a men's branch behind the salmon building and a female branch in the big salmon pink building on Al Nahdha street opposite the fountain roundabout. I'll refrain from calling it the ugly salmon pink building because some of my readers apparently live there, and you wouldn't want to call someone's home ugly now, would you? :)
SO, I'm not one for publishing offers... but I paid a visit to Horizon Fitness (the female branch) and their opening offers end on Thursday. They're pretty good so thought I'd share:
1. They have a well-equipped gym with plenty of equipment, so you don't have to fight over who gets the treadmill. They have a proper locker room, showers, etc (new for Salalah, I tell ya!)
2. They have well-trained staff who speak English and most of them are certified health professionals. The lead person there is called Cora I think and she's seems to know exactly what she's doing.
3. They have aerobics classes, Zumba classes, cardio jams, and other workouts with trainers. They look like fun. If they allow pink grill shades, I might be tempted by the Zumba classes. (oh and they have a belly dancing class too!!! Trust me, belly dancing is fun)
4. Prices: they have a special opening offer now that ends ON THURSDAY (as in 48 hours from now), so if you're interested, get moving. You can buy either gym memberships, aerobics memberships or a combinations of both. They also have one-on-one coaching packages if you want your own personal trainer.
GYM MEMBERSHIP: One month gym membership (including 4 personal trainer sessions + fitness test + diet book + registration and membership card) = 89 Rials. Two months is 108. Three months is 118. Four months is 123. Full year is 168. Trust me, that's a good offer. After Thursday it goes up to 140, 195, 205, 225, and 375 respectively.
AEROBICS CLASSES: One month aerobics package (includes registration and diet book) = 71 Rials. Three months is 146. Six months is 246. One year is 426. After that it goes up to 100, 190, 320, and 570 respectively.
AEROBICS & GYM: One month includes (gym, aerobics, personal trainer sessions, diet book, fitness test, registration) = 124. Two months is 167. Three months is 197. Four months is 212. One year is 458. After Thursday is goes up to 200, 295, 325, 465, and 790 respectively.
If you're interested, the staff are very friendly and helpful. They also have a weird slimming treatment called Ion Magnum, and plenty of hair removal treatments.
I was not asked by them to share this. I just thought I'd share because sharing is caring.

 PS ( their phone number is 23291063)


  1. They must be out-of-this-world good if you look at their prices! That's just way too expensive...... Bizarre!
    I heard the gym membership alone, for ONE PERSON (regular price) is the same as a FAMILY membership at the Hilton! They they don't do Aerobics and stuff like that, but they do have a pool and give a generous discount when you eat in their restaurants.

    And there is a wonderful Aerobics & Belly dance teacher in new Salalah who charges next to nothing per lesson.....

  2. Getting in shape is not only about working out. To get the most out of your training routine, you should also transform your lifestyle. This means you should quit smoking, make better nutritional choices and be more active on a daily basis.

  3. I was excited to see this gym open, but the prices are crazy. The offer for gym membership is OK, but the price for classes is unbelievable. It doesn't even cost this much in Europe, where I can assure you the facilities are much better and there is also a pool, steam room, jacuzzi etc. I already have a Hilton membership, so would only have been interested in classes. At this price - no way! They should offer pay-as-you-go classes. Ex-pats often spend many months out of the country and, at these prices, wont want to pay for a year membership that they might only use for 8 months for example. Also, whilst people always have good intentions, realistically how many classes will most people do in a month? Certainly not enough to make the price for classes worthwhile. I cant see them being very successful with their current pricing model.

  4. I am a member of the mens gym and although the facilities (read machines) are top class, same cannot be said for the gym overall. Even water you have to buy over there. The instructor will just give you 2 half hour sessions and after that you are on your own. They will not provide you any fitness plan or a schedule to follow unless you pay for personal training which as people have pointed out above is on astronomical rates. Something like 10 rials /hr. The instructors were after my life during the 2 half hr sessions to take personal training .The cardio machines are on the ground floor, free weights in the basement and the other machines on the first floor. There is no instructor present in the basement or on the first floor, so no one to check if you are using the weights properly. Overall not a very happy feeling. The reason for joining was I live in the salmon pink building.. so its very close :)

  5. Exciting news !!
    Crazy prices for classes!
    I'm paying them a visit as soon as I can.
    and for the sake of knowledge, the building is called Al-Sahwa Complex!