Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I'm craving a cup of coffee. C.R.A.V.I.N.G. Thus, I cannot write. How can I be creative without my dose of caffiene? Ahh.. Ramadan. I'm brainstorming ideas for my next post. How about 'Why We Need More Cafes in Salalah!'.... or 'Coffee in Oman' ... or ....... something to do with coffee. Maybe later on a little polygamy or 'the dowry problem' in Dhofar. I'll think about it.
This photo was taken up past Zaik (ADG: Go Team Zaik) in the mountains. The fog has cleared and we can now see! I'm visiting Darbat valley tomorrow if I can get someone to take me (see photo on right). Have a great weekend. Peace.


  1. I had the most delicious coffee last night, my first taste of Omani coffee, and was wondering how it is made exactly? I want to recreate it.

    Sorry to remind you of your craving during daylight hours!

  2. Hi Nadia
    I think it is good to save coffee and go for TEA. Try it.

  3. Is there a Starbucks/Costa/Second Cup in Salalah yet?

    -Omani in US

  4. Dorothy, re-creating is easy!

    The hard way: brew Arabica coffee in a pot on the stove, add cardamom, and ginger/cinnamon, depending on how much you like, and voila!
    The Easy way: boil water in a kettle, pour 4 cups of water into a thermos and add five spoons of instant nescafe and two spoons of ground cardamom. Tasty and easy, and can also be decaf. To be honest, once the spices are in, you can't even tell if it's real or instant coffee.

    M.D ...... Whatever!! haha... YOU should try coffee.

    Omani in US ... You've got to be kidding. Of course we don't have any of those franchises. although I've heard they're opening up either a Starbucks or Costa at Salalah tourism complex this year.

  5. Nadia,

    See, I was close! They will open up soon enough.

    -Omani in US

  6. Me too O.o
    For the past maybe 3 days.
    The problem is I can't drink it after fotoor because it'd be too late and I won't sleep. And I can't drink it after so7oor for the same reason.

    I could murder a mocha at the moment!

  7. w000t team Zeek!!!

    -ADG (craving Salalah)

  8. By the way Nadia; Nothing beats shahee 7aleeb. I need my dosage!


  9. ADG ... Shahee 7aleeb is for relaxed afternoons sitting on the garbeeb or lounging in the garden or trying to kill time on a Friday afternoon.

    Coffee is for REAL intense office hours and late-night studying.

  10. I think we need to talk *seats u down seriously*

    Actually, i need to create a new blog and call it ''''

    *still glaring @ u sternly*

    ADG (& lotsa pats on the back, cuz im going thru emotional phase of missing salalah)

  11. oh and BTW u know, although im not huge on coffee personally, i had a great affagato yesterday: a scoop of chocolate ice cream with a hot espresso shot poured inside of it! yum

    -Still ADG here.

  12. ADG .... that's ENOUGH. Don't you know that telling people about your affagato during daylight in Ramadan is HARAM?!! Sister, you have sinned!

    We need to have a serious coffee talk. Meet me in the Garbeeb. We'll start up a coffee/tea debate club.

    Why don't you come to Salalah?

  13. cuz im at work now, ugh!
    and eid in salalah sounds scary from ur post lol

    We'll have to affagato in the gairbeeb next time im in town :o)