Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Topic Dilemma

Still over-worked. In fact, I'm so over-worked that I can't even decide what my next post is going to be about. Help me here!
  • - H1N1 conference held in Salalah two days ago?
  • - Young Dhofaris & Arranged Marriages
  • - Funeral Wailing
  • - Polygamy
  • The 'Secret' Relationships & Internet Dating in Oman
Suggestions anyone?


  1. The 'Secret' Relationships & Internet Dating in Oman

  2. Maybe because I LOVE your blog and check it frequently? I enjoy reading all your topics and I look forward to reading more, so keep them coming! You're amazing Nadia :)

  3. How about send me your initials or nickname, so I can dedicate the next post to you since you picked the topic?

  4. Sweet of you! Thx
    My name's Zain :)

  5. OK, Zain, so internet dating, here we come! I'm brainstorming.

  6. Nadia sorry to hear that you are overworked, i think you need a stress reliver hmm a bit of sewing maybe? LOL

    With regards to topics i would like to read about your view of polygamy

    Looking forward to reading more from the AMAZING Nadia

    Your Crafty Soulmate

  7. Thanks Mayya! I will definitely write about Polygamy during the next few days/weeks. I'm going to write about all the topics listed above. I just didn't know which one to pick for tomorrow

  8. Internet dating should be interesting!

  9. All topics are very interesting for me but since H1N1 conference held in Salalah two days ago as you said, the priority will be this conference

  10. Hey i just stumbled across ur blog, i found it so interesting that i spent the past hour reading all ur posts. I was in Salalah 2 weeks ago and its an amazing place and it reminded me alot of South Africa, but the history blew me away, hope to visit again.

    Keep up the intersting posts

  11. Hi Nadia, I would love to hear about all these topics but I'm really curious on the Young Dhofaris & Arranged Marriages.
    That's my vote.

  12. NO.2 : Young Dhofaris & Arranged Marriages,lol, though I know you already picked the first one. sf

  13. Secret relationships and internet dating, obviously!

    -Omani in US

  14. ":Shahrazad said...

    Polygamy for me please :p"

    Now that doesn't sound right somehow! :p

  15. I see Dhofar Rebellion in your sidebar.

    THAT's a topic I'd LOVE to see discussed one day. I know it's a bit of a sensitive topic, but I'd love to know what you think about it. To the extent you can say.

    I'd also love to see you talk about Yemen one day. It seems sometimes like Oman faces one way: toward the UAE. It's in everyone's thoughts, people go there all the time, it's talked about constantly, everyone knows the news....

    But the back door is on Yemen and it seems noone much looks out that door....

    But maybe in Dhofar it's different since there's an ethnic and linguistic connection that crosses the border...

  16. I am with Jeff too about Yemen. would love to read about Yemen as a yemeni myself(though haven't been there! )sf

  17. May I suggest another one.... The taboo of Omani girls marrying a non-Arab (MUSLIM!) guy.