Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Note

Busy busy busy ... I'm brainstorming my Eid post. Still shocked about the schools being postponed until November. I can't believe elementry school isn't starting until the end of November. Middle school early November. High school October. Wow. Muscat Festival cancelled. H1N1 still going strong. 18 official deaths.
I read an interesting article about a Dutch farmer (in Holland) who started up a camel farm and is busy selling camel milk all over Holland! I'm surprised the camels are surviving. Yes, there is no snow in Holland but its' rainy and chilly most of the year. I'm going to try and scan it so I can post it up here.
Tell me what your Eid preparations are?


  1. Allah Yustur and Inshallah 5air!

    I really can't call Eid preparations..."preparations". Haven't done much at all except just bought Eid clothes which took about half an hour xD

    I'm flooded with about 2 assignments and 2 projects. 1 assignment is due on Monday *cries* the other on Tuesday, and a part of my project due on Wednesday...Wow I just realized all these stuff are due after each other now =\ Inshallah 5air.

    So I'm really hoping Eid is on Sunday instead of Monday, because just too many things to do on Monday (assignments and lectures) *cries*

    Eid Mubarak in advance dear Dofari Gucci.
    I hope you'll have a wonderful one! ^^

  2. Eid Mubarak Nadia

    Eiad Mubarak for all readers and followers

    Sweets will be my target in Eid.


  3. kul 3am o inti b5air =)

    wishing you a very nice eid!

  4. Eid mubarak to you and your family.
    We go for eid prayers around 10am. Hang out after prayers as they have a bazaar, food area and some bouncy castles and rides/games for kids. I get to meet people from my country(we usually see each other during eids, lol). I take my kids so that they experience eid and see others who celebrate it too. There's alot of christmas celebrations here so I want them to know that we have special day too and I give them gifts every eid and dress them up in new outfits(I got girls so its fun ;) sf

  5. Hi, I've just come across your forum and have been reading for about an hour. Great :-)
    I'm dutch and live in Salalah. When I read your entry that mentions the camel farmer in Holland I just had to reply. This camel farm was set up by a student who initially bought 3 camels and kept them in his back yard (!!!!!). The camel milk is very expensive (3 RO/ half liter) but he seems to be doing well. He needed a law-suit to be able to continue producing milk because in Europe (and probably in many other countries) the milk needs to be pasteurized but Camel milk looses its nutritional and healing qualities if heated. But now he won the law suit and production is growing. His target group is mainly people who are allergic to cows milk. This is the link for it:
    It's in Dutch but if you use google translate you'll be able to read it.

    Great blog by the way! :-)