Monday, April 12, 2010

Hell on Earth

Read Sleepless in Salalah's latest post here. And the New York Times' piece here. I am so so so so sad. I feel sick to my stomach. What have we become? Why should a child be married off to a grown man and tied down to a bed and forced to have sex with him after he damaged her vagina and she was bleeding to death?? I am ready to go to Yemen and kill that man. What a sick sick sick animal. AND WHY CAN'T THE WORLD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT????? WHY ARE THE YEMENIS STILL DEBATING??? This kind of situation requires immediate action. This type of marriage should have been banned centuries ago! We live in the year 2010. HOW can over a quarter of Yemeni brides be under the age of 15?
My 60 year-old neighbor married a 13 year old child several years ago. I remember. THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. She asked for a divorce and got it when she turned 16. Humans can be such animals. Say a prayer/make Du'aa for all the children out there who are suffering ...


  1. That is because men (who are blockheads) have the complete control over our societies.

    I wonder whom you were talking about, Naddoosh. I however know a 50-year-old man who married a 14-year-old girl. They have 2 or 3 children together. I think now she's 19 (I remember she was a year younger than me).

    Heard her family let that marriage be just for money.

    Women are COMMODITIES in our society! Literally!

  2. Another thing. I swear that I'll not hesitate to leave this place when I have the chance. Many women have no future here.

  3. dont the Bedu in Oman still consider a girl of 14 old enough for marriage ?

  4. I'm surprised any of you intelligent skilled women who could escape stay around at all...

    Are you that co-dependent?

  5. What is going on is the totally depravity of man being unmasked. What is more shocking is that such things don't happen more often?! Apart from the grace of God, there go I!

  6. i read this the day it was published (the NYT report) and have been sick since. and angry. and helpless.
    i am torn between avoiding thinking about it -- only so i don't feel as sick as i do -- and thinking about how helpless we all are right now.
    can i ask you for a favour? head to my blog and help me with the data i am trying to collect, please?

  7. Check out this story in the NY Times - The Women's Crusade ... some very interesting suggestions on how to turn oppression into opportunity:

  8. I have just started a blog of my own. I've been reading and following many Omani bloggers for sometime now. By Omani, I mean to include non Omanis in Oman as well. May be you visit my blog and start hammering it. It has something....

  9. Nadia - what is your viewpoint on the Royal Decree which gives women the right to petition the Sultan (after court cases ) with regard to marriage