Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Murder in Dhofar

Hmm.... evidently a Dhofari man stabbed his sister to death this week and then shot her in the face with his pistol? I'm seeking more information. Something like this shouldn't be covered up. I have her name. May she rest in peace Inshallah. Has anyone heard anything about this?


  1. Please say you are joking.Such crimes do not take place here.
    If you have details please tell. I'll try to get some information from a friend living in Hasik.
    الله يرحمها

  2. would you mind updating us we arent there so try to investigate the cas Nadia i am really thirsty for new developments about this crime,if you are honestly serious.

  3. I haven't heard anything ( I am in UAE ) but inshaa'Allah the proper action is taken. Subhan Allah... That's sad :-( What could she have possibly done to deserve such a scary fate?!

  4. يمه

    This is scary. Why did he kill her??

    Wonder if Mum knows something about it.

    I saw some photos of a murder in Salalah 7 or 8 years ago (just because nosy girl was curious to know what was in that big envelop with Dad) I can't describe what I saw. It was real horror. Couldn't believe it happened in Salalah.

  5. wut!!! really!!?

    Of course it will not be reported! I hope we hear more!

  6. They happen everywhere my friend.....

  7. Crimes like that happen everywhere. Please do write if you get more info.

  8. May she rest in peace! Killing happens everywhere, but the killing of sisters!! That is a transgression too far!

  9. hiii ... i alos heard about this story, people said that her brother has some mental problems which lead him to kill his sister without reason or as people said he was irrational