Monday, April 19, 2010

New Blogger

I'd like to welcome Jebbali man's wife Umm Q to the Dhofari Bloggers' Scene. Welcome to Salalah and I hope your new life here will be full of happiness, adventure, contemplation, and faith. You can take a look at her blog Sweet Salalah here. And hopefully she'll get the chance to meet Rania because both of them are young mothers married to Omanis in Salalah. Back to work....


  1. recommend her to write in Jeballi language cause,she supposed to know it already Nadia.

  2. oh - I didn't people could use a Jebali alphabet - Ali Ahmed Al Shahari would be very interested - it would be very nice to have a blog written in it - especially by a native speaker

  3. Actually, Jebali does not have an alphabet and it is unwritten .. and sadly on the verge of becoming extinct. It's a mountain dialect very similar to Hebrew and Ethiopian languages.

  4. As salam alaikum Nadia habibiti.

    jazakilahu khair ameen. Im blushing..thanks for ur shout out bout my blog.

    Ahh pressure lol.. me and Jebali..urm lets say i dont talk it..hehe..i know a few terms and phrases, some i wont even type here as im told from the people i heard them from that they are of the less polite manner. InshaAllah one day ill speak some Jebali but untill then its either the old englizi or francais and an amount of arabic thats, well lets just say my own version ( broken and mixed with french.)
    Ive wanted to write Jebali as in transliteration text...ill have to ask if the locals would like that though before i do so.

    Have a grt weekend sis. hiyyach Allah. xx

  5. Anon, sorry to upset you but i dont live as per societies demands..i feel me talking arabic is good considering its my 3rd lingo.

    What people expect of me is not what i would always be doing in my life. If we always follow societies demands then where is the time/space for us to be who Allah created us to be ?

    No offence. Im a strong minded woman that leads her life as per Quran and Sunnah not demands/expectations of naas ( people.)

    There is an english saying that goes something like this " If you please everyone around you, you'll never please yourself."

    And what hikmah (wisdom,) it is!!
    Alhamdulillah kul hal.

  6. Nice photo. Did she arrive on one of those buses?

  7. Hi, Nadia!
    Just want to say Shukran Gazilyan to you for the response of Umm Ququ questions about beauty saloons in Salalah. Unfortunately, i've no chance to post at her blog (i don't know why really, i've tried many times, but no such luck, lol) and thank you there.
    God bless you.
    Have a great weekend.

    Regards, Eva.

  8. Hi Nadia,
    I enjoy your posts on Salalah. I have been following it regularly as I am about to move to Salalah soon to join my husband who works there. I am very excited to rejoin my husband after almost a year. I just hope I can find a job in Salalah as I have been working fulltime in Sydney.
    Hope to see you soon!