Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's the small things....

It's the small things that make me happy. Some examples are:
(1) Aimless driving
(2) Discovering a new song I love
(3) Talking to my uncle's cows
(4) Burying my feet in the sand at Dahareez Beach
(5) Sharpened pencils
(6) Combing and braiding my little sister's hair.
(7) White linen.
(8) New bars of soap
(9) Unwrapping a package.
(10) Picking up a new abaya :)
(11) Being alone in the house (rare!)
(12) Long Khareef afternoons in the garden with cousins and a thermos of Salalah tea
(13) Meaningful conversations with friends
(14) Making someone laugh
What about you? What are the small things that make you happy?


  1. When no one is around, swinging on the village swing.

    Riding horses on the farm.

    Looking for ancient artifacts in Omani ruins.

    Having interesting conversations with people who travel alot.

    Entertaining guests who don't gossip.

    Petting cats who are bathed and like people.

  2. "Petting cats who are bathed and like people" looooooooooooooool OPNO hehehehe luv this point <3 <3 <3

  3. ... Watching my kids play and listening to them make up stories with their toy animals... They are so innocent and don't seem to have a care in the world. Thats what makes me happy :-)

  4. There are three main points that make me feel happy and the first two are my daily routines which I have to get through :
    *** Reading Al-Jazeera English & wikileaks cables carefully.
    ***Discussing current political issues with friends and through some websites.
    ***Listening to my favorite country music..


  5. Ahmed,

    The fact that you listen to country music makes me adore you even more.

  6. Nadia: does your house have a courtyard? You can make one there.

    I "tented" part of my patio so no one with a higher house than mine could see in.

    That works. :)

    Amase: Well, lol, petting the ones that scratch you and have cut up necks and pussy infected eyes really takes some dedication. I try but it takes some time, and usually they hate me after I take them to the vet to make them better. And never come back to me again, alas.

  7. Ahhh, a joyful post, Nadia! Big smiles!!! Aimless driving, love that!
    -My children, especially when they make up stories with their toys too!
    -My 7 year old daughter's written stories.
    -A spontaneous hug from my hubby. Or my kids.
    -My camera!
    -Photos...anybody's family photos as well as mine.
    -Playing children's outdoor games and not caring!
    -A clean, tidy and empty beach!
    Thanks Nadia!!

  8. hi nadia

    makin someone laugh is the best... my choices of happiness wud b...

    my son wil turn 2 by march this year...
    i luv to hear him talk..

    i like to look out of window whr i see the same buildings the same road..few cars.. this scene never changes still i like watchin them.. since theres no other option...

    after all my work is son sleeps the house is silent..i find time for internet...


  9. Nadia, you really need to watch the film Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain (meaning "The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain"). She has similar loves and you will surely love it. Its French so check for subtitles!