Monday, September 19, 2011

Please Explain

Forgive the crappy photography, but seriously guys .... I've been highly amused with all the billboards popping up around Salalah this week for the Majlis Al Shura elections coming up in October. The same crap. The same lines ("everyone has a right to vote!" , "women are half of society!", "youth are the heart of society!") ... come up with something original, will ya? As for dude in the photo up there, I have no idea who he is but I just had to point out that he's smiling in one photo and looking bored in the other. Hilarious. Good luck whoever your are!

PS (my friend's theory is that he wants us to know he's good looking regardless of whether he's smiling or not)


  1. I think you should launch a competition for the best punch line that goes with this photo!
    to me these thoughts comes to mind when I see the pic:

    Get two for the price of one!
    Me, Myself & Mohamed!
    What Evil Twin!?!
    You can run, but you cant hide.

  2. "The virtues of onanism: before and after"

  3. Who else is running Nadia?

    Can u give us the names pls as we are currently out of Salalah and have no way of knnowing it other than ur blog

  4. The posters reminded me of these two guys: (this is from the classic world of theatre. No mentioning of similarities with Omani politics:-)

  5. LOOOL OMG LMAOF seriously plus he has "bait" in his name?! wth?!

  6. Hi Nadia, I really found the posters quite funny...But was wondering one thing...How do you know which candidate is good and you should vote for when you are not able to recognize them through photos or names...Was just curious to know how the elections and voting work as this is my first year in Oman.