Monday, September 5, 2011

Post-Eid jetlag

Dear Readers,

Eid was a wonderful break from life, internet, work, and all the other petty things that occupy my time :)

. (1) Salalah is beautiful today. Come and visit us. It was raining this morning and we had a couple of thunder and lightening episodes (unusual) during Eid. During Eid Salalah witnessed a stampede (my way of discribing it) of UAE and Saudi tourists. They're still here and will probably stay until Friday. Traffic is crazy, but they're boosting our economy so I won't complain. (not today anyhow).

. (2) Interesting post from our sleepy dragon Muscat Confidential. Curious comment regarding the hijab though in His Majesty's interview. You should check it out.

. (3) An exhibition (our version of an international market sale) is taking place at Samahram Tourist Village (before Hilton) from September 5th until the 31st. If you're looking for cheap Chinese products, cotton candy, Yemeni spices and jewellry, Pakistani wood, rolls of cloth, underwear adorned with pink and blue and green feathers (I kid you not), or fancy vegetable cutting tools, that is the place to go. It's always fun to just roam the stalls and you're bound to find something you like

(4) Schools started today in most parts of Oman. Traffic was crazy this morning but it was fun seeing all the kids in their crisp new uniforms and brand new backpacks.
(5) Now that Ramadhan is over, wedding season is back. Three people I knew got married last Thursday and a dozen more are getting married this week on Thursday as well.
How was your Eid?

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  1. As a Westerner I see the hijab as a fashion/peer pressure thing. Of course it is a matter of personal choice, and each person has that choice. Personally I wish more women were brave enough to stand on their own and dress how they really want. Not how they want so other women do not admonish them or their relatives get angry. Look at photos of Omani women 20-30 years ago, they were not dressed for a funeral back then!