Friday, October 14, 2011

Shura Polls!

Mornin' Folks! If you're voting tomorrow, here's useful information for you:

(1) Voting starts at 7 a.m and will continue until 7 p.m

(2) Bring your ID card.

(3) In Salalah the two voting centres will be Al Saada School (girls' high school in Saada, near the colleges of techology and applied sciences) - if you're not voting, avoid that area. Bound to be hell. The 2nd voting centre is Khawla Bint Hakeem high school (near the hospital). Also avoid that area if you're not voting.

(4) Tomorrow was declared a paid holiday for any voting Omani. If your employer demanded proof, the voting centres will be providing a voting slip to anyone who asks for it.

(5) Authorities have announced that tomorrow will be a 'historic' day for Oman. Excuse me? It's just Majlis Al Shura. I enjoyed this article in Muscat Daily by fellow blogger Susan.

(6) For info on other voting centres in Oman, read here.

May the best men win! (highly doubtful that any Dhofari female is going to win, since they're completely unqualified in my opinion.... gym manager? frankincense shop owner? Give me a break and take Majlis AL Shura a little more seriously, will you?)
Cheers - Gucci & her mug of bold coffee


  1. It's not "It's just Majlis alshura" any more.

  2. Maybe instead of saying "just Majlis Al Shura", you should take it more seriously too! This Shura will have the power to make laws. This Shura will provide ministers. That guy you vote for (or didn't vote against) can now change your life. Get out and vote!!!