Sunday, October 23, 2011


I'm in a better mood today, I promise.

(1) Feminism: to all the Omani males who read/commented/ and emailed me about my last post, I understand what you feel and I agree that women play a vital role in their own freedom... however, you need to empower, encourage, show them what's possible. And to all the open-minded sensible men out there, you rock!

(2) Oman: The New Explorers: I watched this video yesterday from Brand Oman and thought it was awesome. I'm not 100% sure what the story is behind it, but I love it anyway. Read the description below the video. Filming is amazing.

(3) Royal Decree: many of you may have heard of Dr. Abdullah Al Harrasi. He was the head of the Oman Encyclopedia project and teaches at SQU. He's also a blogger, and simply an incredible person. I think he's on a sabbatical now, but yesterday he was appointed as the new chairman of the National Authority for Television & Radio in the position of minister! Congratulations!!

(4) Tackiness: if you're in Muscat, check out Oman's latest movie "Search for the Impossible". Tacky title, tacky PHOTO. Salim Bahwan, you wrote the script, directed the movie, produced it AND get to hold the gun? Jeez. I have no faith in Omani television. Nuff Said. If you have better reviews, post a comment and I'll publish.

(5) Politics: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton paid a visit to our tiny country (according to every single article on the visit). I'd link you to Muscat Confidential's analysis of her visit, but his blog appears to be blocked. (?)

(6) Junk Food: the old (sniff) Pizza Hut on Salam Street shut down last week and the new two-storey Pizza Hut opened up next to Baalbeck Restaurant on 23rd of July Street. I went there last week with my sisters and was impressed with the decor and ambience. HOWEVER, although it was the day after the grand opening, half the stuff on the menu wasn't available. There wasn't even any lettuce in the salad bar. The pizza we ordered took 47 minutes to arrive. The waiter who served us didn't speak Arabic or English. We asked for mayonnaise three times, he went to the kitchen and then came back and stood at the salad bar daydreaming. We ordered Diet Pepsi and he brought Mountain Dew instead. We ordered a large salad and he brought a small plate. He dropped a fork on my sister and smeared her abaya with French salad dressing (orange) without apologizing. He almost knocked my drink over when he put the pizza on the table. I left there feeling like a nervous wreck. Serves me right for eating junk food. Never again.

(7) Gaddafi's death was disturbing. The videos of his body being dragged through Serat and him begging for mercy and being killed were just too upsetting. Why run those same shots and videos again and again and again? Seriously, media, get a life. I know he deserved it, but does that justify those horrible acts of murder and torture? No. We're not any better if we do that. There's just something wrong with the whole thing. Kill him and get it over with. God can deal with him afterwards.

(8) On a more cheerful note, Wednesday is only three days away and Eid holidays are coming up in a couple of weeks. If my calculations are right, Saturday Nov 5th is Yom Arafa (a holiday, the last day of Hajj) and the Eid would be Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully, we have a generous and wonderul Sultan who will probably give us Wednesday off as well. So, I'm hoping for the whole week. Please pray with me. I really really really need a holiday.


  1. Movie's title in the trailer is Search for impossible...
    Well, he could've went for more of a movie that required more acting, rather than copying Bad Boys. Not a bad step, but 3rials is a tad expensive LOL

    Holiday knocking on the door? Can't wait for this Eid :'(

  2. Nadia, I would love to see the movie but it is in Arabic only :( The synopsis on the Shatti Cinema website is quite interesting...
    "Story about a man who dies due to alcohol intake and CID tries to trace the source of supplier".

  3. Pizza hut: hehehe.. perfect example of an employee with absolutely no motivation... so many blunders at one table.. is that not a bit too much...
    Gaddafi : Totally agree with you on that... I have started to switch channels ...
    Eid: Just waiting for it.. its the only long holidays after a long time..and I doubt if there are any such holidays after it... hmmmm so sad

  4. Pretty impressive video! Brand Oman is an initiative by Sayyid Faisal bin Turki Al Said in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism to place Oman on the map... It would've been great if they included names/occupation of the people speaking, obviously as Omanis we know most of them but would have definitely left a bigger impact with names.

  5. Anonymous, I agree with you. I only recognized Ahmed Al Harthy. Names would have helped!

  6. looks like your mental battery is fully charged ;)

    I tried to catch the movie but none of my friends accepted to go with me! I was eager to see the castle they filmed in.

    I always wonder whenever I go to Pizza Hut or even MacDonald’s, why is everyone so over dressed? :)