Friday, June 26, 2009

The Legend

Dhofari Gucci is supposed to be about life in Dhofar; however, Michael Jackson's sudden death is something I feel I cannot ignore in my modest little blog. I confess I am very sad. He was a true Legend and always will be. People called him Weird, Wacko Jacko, the Madman, etc, but he was creativity itself. He had ups and downs in his life, but in the end, people are going to remember his music and his dancing, not his personal life or his skin colour. He was probably the FIRST Western artist to hit the scene in Oman. I remember back in the early 1990s my brothers were secretly buying his music. Boys on the streets in Oman practice his moves everyday. People loved him. He also had ties with the Middle East. I remember when he first moved to Bahrain and came to visit Oman and expressed interest in buying property here. I remember taking a tour of the Shangri La Hotel in Muscat and being told 'Psss... Michael Jackson owns a room here'.... I remember his odd stage in life where he expressed interest in Islam and released a single called 'Give Thanks to Allah'. I remember a time when everyone in the world (well, almost everyone) was singing 'All I want to say is that they don't really care about us'. He was very active in environmental issues, clear in his music. In the End, he will remain the King of Pop. May he rest in peace. Amen.


  1. I was flying from Abu Dhabi and at the airport BBC had it as breaking news - what a shock.

  2. So sad. He has a strange life. He struggled for singing meaningful things! Poor chap, may he RIP !

  3. Not a fan, but felt sorry for him.
    May he RIP