Friday, June 19, 2009

Tell me about the Ocean ....

Some of you grammar-geeks out there may say 'Hey! Why did she put a capital O on the word Ocean?'.... well, I believe the Ocean is like a person.

The Ocean speaks to us in many different ways. Some people talk to the Ocean everyday! (like my friend Muna ... whom I wrote about in one of my earlier posts). Others visit the Ocean when they have a problem or are feeling depressed. They just sit and stare at the ocean. Sadly, many people are indifferent and can sit for hours in front of the sea smoking shisha and gossiping and not paying any attention to its majestic beauty and power.

I often visit the Ocean on my own just to think. I walk down to a section of the beach where it's ok for ladies to sit, and I dig my toes into the cold sand and listen to the waves. I've discovered over the years that if you're trying to think about 'Life' in general, it's hard to do it between four walls. My thoughts are clearer when I'm in an open space like the mountains or by the Ocean. I begin to comprehend bits and pieces from the great puzzle of life.

This afternoon I drove to the ocean and sat on the cold sand for a good two hours ... thinking. I felt I needed to clear my head for a bit. The ocean helps with that. Natural therapy. I wanted to shout out 'I am here! I am alive! I'm so full of life!'

The picture posted is one taken at Mughsayl (a 45-minute drive West of Salalah), two weeks ago. Beautiful!
What do you feel about the ocean? Does it inspire you? Tell me about it!


  1. I've been to Mughsayl. Truely one of a kind.

  2. Sting: you're supposed to explain how the ocean makes you feel. Ahh.. you IT Dudes are so ...... ahh ...

  3. Frankly, I hate the sea,I don't know why?

    i don't like the sound of waves.... but i love the sharp cliffs beside the sea
    I love the beachs from a distance!!

  4. Dear Anonymous, your comment saddens me. However, people's tastes are different. I can't stand the desert :)

  5. I love the sand dunes

    I hate fish!!

    BUT i have friends who admire sea and diving!

    i think i'll try to touch sea water first! and then DIVE!

  6. Sounds logical. I can never dive or swim because I'm claustrophobic :-)

  7. what about the SOLID-SEA(sand dunes)? do you like them?

    i think there is a relation between them(ocean and empty quarter)

  8. I love it.
    I always find myself thinking deeply and freely especially if I'm alone. I don't know, I just like the sound of the waves and the cool breeze! It's a beautiful place to be in, so soothing.

  9. Nadia, and yet another thoughtful post!

    The sea transforms serenity in one's soul! I totally am with you in every word you've posted.

    I've dedicated Friday afternoons to go enjoy a walk with my husband on the beach. Here in Muscat, you see a totally different picture of the beach. No serenity, it's chaos, but hey that's life! You see people of different shapes and sizes brought together by a "foot ball". You see expats, specially women, going in the water despite the scrutinising looks of the other gender! I complain everytime I go to the beach, say how come we're deprived of enjoying nature's gift by all this crowd, then it strikes me that I am just one of the "crowd".. Whether quiet or crowded, beach is life!

    I'll be posting a collage of photos in my blog soon of one of my afternoons in the beach :) You get to see what the beach is like in Muscat on a Friday!

  10. The Ocean is still the meaning of Life...

  11. One of my favourite memories is of camping on the beach....