Sunday, June 21, 2009

Omani Paparazzi ...

I thought this photo of Omani Paparazzi was rather amusing. This was taken at the camel races in Thumrait during April. They were stalking His Excellency Fulan bin Fulan Al Fulani..

Today is June 21, the official 'start' to the monsoon in Dhofar, although we've had rain and dark clouds all week. Salalah is getting ready to paaarty! Bring on the toursits!


  1. Happy festival

    Omani Paparazzi .... it is a good business!

    I know a photographer who follows Local important figures to shoot!

  2. If photographers were allowed to shoot females in Dhofar, they would be millionaires. All the exciting celebrity gossip happens in the 'World of Women'

  3. I am so jealous! Last year in Salalah the khareef was a little weak, I wanted to see it in full force!

  4. Yeah, well, when you guys arrived in June, the weather was kind of weird. We didn't really get the khareef full force last year (may have been that the Khareef didn't like the 65 students living at Haffa House. LOL)
    You should come back someday. How long are you in Egypt for?

  5. I've always wondered if during this "season" or climate event,
    if the blue sky with its sun were visible or not? the day is it dark? much like the fog in the temperate zone in Europe as France?