Saturday, October 3, 2009

Found it!

After endless searching on Google, I decided to type in every possible website that came to mind

etc, etc...

And guess what? I FOUND IT!!

Check it out (i.e the more intelligent version that came out this year) can be downloaded off the website in PDF form. Someone told me there are some good articles written by Omanis in the magazine. I'm searching for those specific articles. I can't believe they've discussed Kanye West's stupid VMA moment in the new issue!! Like Oman needs to know?


  1. Well, I take it back. Still think it's pretty amazingly bad, especially its recent redesign, which only emphasizes with all the bare space how little content each issue has...

  2. just browsing through this new Y magazine (its been awhile since i broswed through one) i have to agree with anonymous.. its not as good as it used to be!! too many pics and little words..

  3. Ah, thank you. I've been looking for their website as well.