Sunday, October 18, 2009

Salalah Scenes

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for my random posts. I'm still a scatter-brain. I was out shopping last night (abayas! Woohoo! I got two) .. and as I was at the traffic lights in the centre of town with my friend we noticed this building ... Concentrate on the photo and tell me what looks odd... See the towo guys sitting up in that window watching the world? Yes, only in Salalah will you drive through the centre of town and see two guys chilling in their shorts. My friend and I parked the car across the street and being the perfect Paparazzi type, we got out our cameras and started taking photos.
The beginning of the week has been hectic for me, work-wise, so I haven't had time for blogging because my evenings are filled up with committments and activities. My life goes through phases of complete boredom and complete chaos. I prefer the chaos obviously.
Still have fresh flowers in my office. I'm working on a post for the new bloggers' campaign (will be contacting female bloggers about this soon). Keep your eyes peeled. Omani Bloggers Against........


  1. Campaign?

    That should be something!!

    i LOVE campaign ;)

    my eyes r fully peeled.

  2. They must be teenagers or something to sit up there like that. It is not a safe place for chilling out but hey we live in Salalah right!!

    A campaign.. let me think..
    Females only.. newbies..oh I get it, niiiice lol
    it is about time...The dream of all working women...Finally a breeze of hope to every husband of a non working wife... could it be... the long-awaited "Lower Abaya Prices Now" campaign XD

  3. Hello. I'm the Raw3a Anonymous (I'm a girl;]).

    Can you be honest with us and tell us that you flew to Japan and returned in a few hours yesterday? I can't believe that road is in Salalah! Wow, my hometown looks very clean!

    I live in Muscat by the way (studying). I may share you my blog but first I have to do something in it. See you, ;]

  4. Nadia,

    LOL!!!! Shorts...? Next it'll be girls in bikinis.

    Whatever the campaign is, it does sound sexist.

    You are a tease. What campaign?


  5. Bader, you're the mastermind of the campaign obviously!! :D Still writing the article. Did Firyal send the logo?

    IHMD: Campaign to Get All Men Out of Salalah. FOREVER.

    Raw3a: Please do share!! Are you Dhofari?

    UD: Omani Bloggers Against ........ ? Wait and see.

  6. Hi, am still waiting 4 her 2 send. She said she's doing final touches. Although I told her I wanna see sketches.

    Will let u know.

  7. Lol @ the guys chilling out there. Reminds me of the time peaked throw my window and watched a whole family sitting together having Dinner. Not in Oman, of course.

    A campaign sounds good, I'm one of the noobs in the world of blogging.