Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mixed Post

Today I'm a scatter-brain. I want to write but I can't seem to focus on one topic. Bear with me; I'll be writing about a bunch of completely irrelevant things today..
(1) This morning I have fresh flowers in my office. I even took a photo (see below). Sometimes a girl needs flowers, even if she buys them for herself. I'm extremely busy at work this week, so having flowers around (in addition to my plants) is refreshing. They help to remind me that there's more to life than computer screens and paperwork.
(2) I'm thinking about death today. When someone dies suddenly (in an accident), the shock can be unbearable sometimes. A person can be driving down the highway listening to his favourite song and within a minute he can be lying on the pavement, a lifeless puppet. A strong reminder of how small we are and how fragile life is. Please please please be careful when you drive. Wear your seatbelt even if you think you're the best driver in the world. Don't use your phone when you're driving. Don't speed. Life is precious. Even if you think your life isn't precious, other people do. You are a human. You are needed in this world. Please take care of yourself.
(3) When I was getting into my car after work yesterday, I stopped for a moment to listen to the afternoon call to prayer 'Adhan'. From my car I could hear four mosques. Four! I just stood there for a moment or two thinking about it. We, who live in Muslim countries, sometimes don't stop to listen to the Adhan because we're so used to it. A friend of mine who moved to Salalah from the USA told me one day 'You have NO idea how deliriously happy I am to be listening to the call to prayer five times a day from my own living room. You guys are so lucky'. And yes, we are lucky. Today, take a moment out to listen to the call to prayer when it comes.
(4) I read one of Aristotle's quotes today that made me stop and think: (in my cousin's facebook profile if you really must know) ... ""It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." .... Every single human should take some time out in their life to read about Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. The world's greatest philosophers. Albus Dumbledore follows.
(5) Why isn't the new newspaper 'Muscat Daily' available in Salalah? Has anyone read it in Muscat? ReviewS?
(6) Covered parking lots are a blessing. Thank you dear employer.
(7) I'm delighted with the Dhofaris who've been starting up their own blogs (whether in English or Arabic). I've been following a new English blog from Dhofar called 'Pepsi Diet' .. http://ihatemountaindew.blogspot.com/ Check it out. I like the way he compared Shisha restaurants in Salalah to pubs in Britain.
(8) Do you believe in pure friendships with members of the opposite sex?
Scatter-Brain Nadia


  1. hey scatterbrain, what are the other dhofari blogs? I loved diet pepsi's shisha post lol

  2. I know what you're friend from the USA feels like, because that's how I feel. I really can't wait to get back and listen to the call of prayer, adhan, it's so wonderful.

    I read all the posts of Diet Pepsi, very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

    As for #8, I do believe in it...to a certain extent.

    Lovely post as usual!

  3. Hi Nadia, I really appreciate mentioning my humble blog in your post ^^
    and thanks for G-chan for reading my posts (do I have to say that I like Sushi and sashimi too) so keep on reading.
    As for #8 I agree with G-chan's.

  4. Hi Nadia
    I was hiding myself not to comment by my name محفيف but since you cought me, I have to write some comments with my poor english anyway.
    #2 I hate accidents, I have lost 5 relatives in a car accident in just few seconds!! it was 9 years back.
    #3 Somtimes I hate Adhan because of some Muadhins who shout to scare the neighbors..
    #6 I dont like my employer because of lack of covered parking..everyday my car is exposed to everything(sun, dust, bird's()..etc
    #7 You are ispiring us Nadia
    #8 I DO

  5. ADG - Ma7feef here is also another Dhofari bloggers.

    G-Chan ... are you um... moving back to Oman? I missed out on that part. Where are you moving to?

    IHMD: Sushi? You? A Dhofari?

    Ma7feef: Dude, I know exactly who you are so no need to hide anymore. You thought you could trick me into thinking you were another anonymous blogger? hah!! I have eyes in the back of my head, my dear boy.
    As for #8 yes I know you do. Believe me I know. Do you want your package or not?!

  6. LOL Nadia btw I have another Dhofari friend who also loves Sushi and there are definetly others who tried it in Muscat or abroad and love it. Once we have a japanese resturant in Salalah (probably in a hotel) I will defenitly be a regular.

  7. IHMD .. I knew an old Dhofari man who went to Japan for a course. He was from Mirbat. He was afraid of eating things in Japan because he thoughts they were snakes or dogs, so for ten days he ate Sushi.. he called it Shushi. He always made me laugh.

  8. Nadia: lol the poor man, It is amusing how many of us Dhofaris are afraid of the new and exotic but I guess that is a human thing right! you know what is strange is a dhofari such as myself being a fan of ABBA lol

  9. ABBA?? Oh Lord Save Me! Please!!! People like you should be sent into Exile!

  10. lol guilty as charged, I guess ABBA reminds me of the good ol' days, being a kid in the 80s.I listen to many artist and like many geners but ABBA is so special to me btw I'm listning now to "Thank you for the Music" on Youtube.

  11. we were all kids in the 80s! But now we have a life!!! I'm really really disturbed by your ABBA passion.

  12. lol I guess we have to accept personal prefrences of other people otherwise lets ban um Kalthum, Abu Baker salim and Salim Ali Said ;)

  13. I love random posts :)

    @ 1)Flowers were not always my thing! At one point my husband, being the romantic person that he is, would come back home with a flower. Sometimes I would be too busy or distracted to notice the flower, he'd get hurt sometimes! Yah that bad! Now, when he's late out, I anticipate a flower, but no, no flowers anymore. I like to believe otherwise, but I think I brought it on myself, sad :(

    @ 2)Tell me about it. It's devastating... We have to also remember that it's not always death post accidents, having someone lose his functionality because of an accident can be even more devastating. Traumatising!

    @ 3)I always wondered what do expats think of Adhan, I think of those with young children, do they think it's too loud or scary maybe?. I know one thing for sure, I miss it tremendously when I live abroad.

    @ 5)I've read their first ever issue on Sat. and today's. To be honest, with all the publicity they made of it, I thought it would be something totally different than papers we already have. I was wrong, it much or less has the same global news that you'd find elsewhere. I was looking for more of local news, the ins and out, the insiders' story! BUT and a huge BUT, I enjoyed the young talented OMANI columnists in their issues, on Sat's issue it was Buthaina Al-Hinai (?), on tuesday's it was Sawsan Mubarak (?) (not very sure of the names though!!). For once, we're having local talents, instead of expats speak about issues that concern the locals, Buthaina's was about patriotism, Sawsan's was about lack of young Omani readers.

    @ 6) LUCKY YOU!!! I'm jealous...

  14. Hiya,

    You're welcome IHMD!
    Keep it up ya! And do you like Sushi and Sashimi? =P

    Nadia: Yeah I'll be moving back around mid December Inshallah. I'll be done with my final year of uni soon *yay*
    Moving to Al khod/Mawale7...that area anyways lol.

  15. I'm always impressed with you Nadia. You never fail to post something interesting and you are always active on other bloggers posts...

    I was thinking about death too.. (two kids in the family got some injuries from playing that required surgeries). It is scary to think that you might lose someone dear to you!

    About work, I think I hate mine... I have a computer that is so old it takes 15 mins to shut down! (I just unplug it.. who cares!)

    Friendships are possible between the opposit sex, just not in this culture ;) at least not the majority!

  16. Interesting mix of thoughts!

    - The atmosphere at work today was filled with death talk. Two ex-employees passed away a couple of days ago and its been such a gloomy day for many of those who have known the deceased ones personally. I guess its always more bearable to know that someone had died of old age than of random, unexpected incidents such as car accidents.

    - Your flowers are so colourful! Love them!

    - As for friendship between opposite sexes, well depends on the strength of the friendship. I dont think that a girl and a boy can be best friends or even very close friends without developing (at least) one-sided attraction or admiration. But general, 'loose' friendships can be formed between the two sexes, such as friendships at work, but I wouldn't call that friendship, it's more of an acquaintance.

  17. Totally disagree....males and females CAN be friends, and very rewarding too. U nhappily men here are denied that chance. It is a pity

  18. Wow! You've got so many things in your mind!

    I'll have a look at that blog later.

    (This blog has been one of my favourites for a very long time but I don't know what prevented me from posting on it. Thanks for the RAW3A blog.)

  19. Thanks Anonymous! You're Raw3a!! (if you're a girl that is!!)

  20. Am waiting for the next post!
    5 days is toooo much!

  21. I so agree with the flowers comment. I used to do that too but I haven't done it in a long time. I might get myself some tomorrow if I go to town :D.

    And thanks for the comment asking where I was. I'm right here, just busy with uni. I'm gonna have some free time this week so hopefully I'll be updating soon :).

  22. Hey,

    I'm glad you enjoyed my column! and yes you got the name right lol