Thursday, May 19, 2011

4:00 p.m on Thursday

Mini-update: so after the tribal sheikhs went to the prison yesterday to negotiate the release of all the protest prisoners without having to sign the damned paper, it was revealed upon their return that by 4 p.m today releases would be made. While they were inside, hundreds had gathered at the road leading to the prison since the ROP blocked the highway so no one could get anywhere near the prison.

The delegation of sheikhs emerged and informed the crowds that releases would be made overnight and this morning. They gave the army a deadline which was 4 p.m today. So the hundreds who gathered vowed to be back at that spot at 4 p.m today to either celebrate the release or raise hell.

It's 4:20 right now and nothing has happened. According to fellow bloggers who are there now there are hundreds at the roundabout already waiting. I hope the authorities were honest about the release, and I hope no violence occurs. It's the last thing we need.


  1. Hi Nadia, I'm following the whole situation in Dhofar heartstoppingly: hope everything will turn out fine, inshallah.
    I'm keeping ALL Omani people, each and every single one from His Majesty downwards in my thoughts and invocations.