Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hi everyone. Yes, this morning I tried accessing Muscat Confidential and his recent post 'Oman's heavy handed treatment of peaceful protesters may catch global media's attention'. However, it was blocked and I got the usual message from the TRA. Now it seems it's open, so I'm confused as to what happened. We've already made it to global media from the very first day.
In the meantime, according to Mahfaif, the three-day 'no violence' period (agreed between army and boys throwing rocks) in central Salalah is over. I pray nothing happens today. Don't get mad at the soldiers. They're just doing their job. Yesterday's letter was delivered to the governor and read out loud (filmed by many including Oman TV). See video here from YouTube. The letter demanded (1) Removal of military from Salalah (2) release of all prisoners.
Please keep our country, His Majesty, and all the people of Oman (army and locals) in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. In my view we do enjoy freedom of speech/writing in the sultanate as long as it is within the frame work of the law. For instance Article 31 of the basic law gives us a clear guidance if we choose to speak or write within the frame work of the law.

    Article (31) Freedom of the press, printing and publication is guaranteed in accordance with the conditions and circumstances defined by the Law. It is prohibited to print or publish material that leads to public discord, violates the security of the State or abuses a person’s dignity and his rights.


  2. Muscat Confidential blog is not blocked! is it only blocked in Salalah or what??

  3. You were saying army has occupied Salalah?!! I highly doubt that you know the meaning of "Occupation" because it means something way beyond what happened there.

    The mere idea of showing your country's army like an invader speaks a lot for your biased coverage of the situation there.

  4. Agree with the 2 comments above. Why don't you consider what they were saying on April 29th and the following Fridays? It appears that they crossed a big red line. From this same blog:

    Saturday, April 30, 2011
    As for our protest situation, about 2000 people marched through town yesterday. Some pretty harsh slogans were being chanted (I won't repeat - too sensitive). They're getting impatient. ... I wonder where all this is leading...
    Posted by Nadia at 9:54 AM

  5. No for Censorship, Yes for Freedom of Speech.

    May Allah bless Oman!

  6. Thanks for dropping by Afrah! A special guest from Yemen :)

  7. Nadia

    I think you are only reporter from Salalah town reporting whatz happening there... good keep going...

  8. '... what they were saying on April 29th and the following Fridays?...'

    What were they saying? (Sorry; illiterate! Don't know Arabic!)

  9. It's a bit difficult for outsiders to follow: we don't know what these people have been saying.

  10. May Allah bless Salalah. My prayers are with you.