Friday, May 20, 2011

What is going on?!

Yes, that photo was taken inside the prison and those are some of our prisoners. Looks pretty tight in there, don't you think? Two days ago authorities agreed to release the prisoners without forcing them to sign the commitment form. Hundreds waited by Dahariz Roundabout (closest accessible area to prison - since ROP blocked the road). Fathers, brothers, friends,..... waiting. But.... No release. What does that mean? Well, families are angry. They've been waiting at the roundabout for two days. Meanwhile, the rest of the town is also anxious. The situation in Dhofar is tense. After Friday prayers today, I hear of a planned peaceful march demanding release of the prisoners. The march will start at Al Jama Mosque (a Rawas tribe mosque). It's amusing that the action will take place at Al Rawas tribe's mosque because just two days ago they published a full-page color greeting to His Majesty in the newspaper renewing their loyalty and love to him. Holla, people. Who said he'd lost any loyalty and love in the first place? And why 'just' Al Rawas tribe? And was every member of Al Rawas tribe informed of the ridiculous page? The next day the 'Al Kathir' town tribes did the same thing. PEOPLE! So does that mean mountain tribes, Bedouins, and black people of Dhofar are not loyal? Ridiculous. They picked the wrong timing. We all love His Majesty and he knows we do.

Big question is: where will all the action take place today? At Al Jama square (mosque)? At Dahariz Roundabout near the prison? At the still-occupied Freedom Square? On Al Nahdha street? Army commanders must be scratching their heads. Sources tell me the Firqat forces are moving into the centre of town. To those of you who don't know, Firqat forces are unique to Dhofar only and they were established after the Dhofar Rebellion in the 197os. If they really are being moved into the centre of town, it means the army are expecting chaos today and need their Jebbali mountain comrades to calm things down (i.e the Firqat).

Update just now from fellow blogger; the Dahariz Road (where people have been gathering this week) is blocked by the ROP. Hah. That's all for now folks. I'll let you know what the updates are.


  1. Time to work out some creative alternative routes around Dahariz roundabout.

  2. can u plz put up both the pages by rawas and AlKathir tribes? Is it possible plz?

  3. Interesting times in Salalah - I hope it is resolved peacefuly

  4. It seems that those tribes were not loyal few weeks ago until they got scared by the army.
    أعلنوا الولاء لما شافوا الدابات
    أعجبني توقيتهم

  5. yeah can you scan them plz?

  6. Emirati head of families from all over the UAE similarly go to Abu Dhabi to confirm their loyalty to the president these days.

  7. The tribes which are mentioned here have shown their support of what happened "the end of protest" instead of escalating the matter to cause more disturbance. The area where the protestors were camping holds two sides, one is the government offices and the other is a residential area. I am sure that those living there were starting to be not happy with the presence of protestors. I heard that they were using house corners as urinal and noises were loud at some nights which made going to sleep a difficult thing to do. I personally am happy that the government stepped in to end the protest and I am sure that many of those living around that area feel the same happiness and relief. lets not get carried away with the idea of freedom of speech to the extent that the freedom of quite living within neighborhoods is violated.