Sunday, May 8, 2011

Top Blogs in Oman

Hey! I made it to Oman Collective Intelligence's #4. I'm flattered. According to OCI, Oman's most popular blogs are:
1. Muscat Confidential
2. Muscat Mutterings
3. Andy in Oman
4. Dhofari Gucci
5. Oman Travels into Oman
6. Muscat Jet Driver
7. Omani Cuisine
8. Shy Rebellious Arab Girl
9. How to live like an Omani Princess
10. Susan Al Shahri
11. Digital Oman
12. Angry in Oman
13. Sultanate Social
14. MoOn Smile-English (who?)
15. Blue Chi

Reminds me of our Times of Oman interviews back in the day.....
Anyway, thank you OCI for remembering us, and I'm surprised you're not on the list since you have more than NINE HUNDRED (!) followers :) .... And next time remember Jillian & Dan's blog! It's extremely popular in Oman, especially after the protests.


  1. congrats on tht, we all apprecaite ur efforts.
    keep up the good work!

    May I request u to plz publish our comments related to Dhofar Power Company's indian management at whose hands we have been suffering for the last 5 years plz.

    We believe that HM is being regularly updated of our comments and opinions and grievienaces, so please publish the comments wihtout censoring.

    Thank u

  2. Your supposed to be on top of that list! :O You bring spice to your blog :( UD rarely blogs -_-


  3. Congrats gal! Well deserved. And take note that this makes Dhofari Gucci NUMBER ONE outside the capital, no?

  4. Hey Nadia, my pleasure of course. Your blog is simply great and it was a close call between you and Andy for the third spot. On another note; i just sent you a mail, please let me know what you think about it. Thanks.

  5. Hello,, Nadia you're on progressing so don't be angry if you didn't get the first on the list. I congratulate you on this great work.
    well done

  6. Congratulation sister, wish you all the best and always spice it up
    You are in my top list in my blog =) love the way you bring news and events