Saturday, May 28, 2011

Salalah: From Chaos to Cool?

Looks like the army are withdrawing sheepishly from Salalah. Dahariz Roundabout is clear. Nahdha road is clear. Entrance to Governor's road is clear. The only remaining occupied area is 'half' of Freedom Square. That's a pretty big difference compared to last week.

However, people are still waiting to hear from the missing protesters who were airlifted out of the square and to Muscat on May 12th. What are the charges? Where were they taken? Mahfaif has their photos up on his blog. Check it out here.

Salalah seems to be quiet. The monsoon has started. Not the rain, but the ocean is wild and soon we'll have no beach. Has anyone heard about a possible cyclone?


  1. Glad to hear things have calmed down in beautiful Salalah...Khareef is coming, no cyclones in sha Allah...back to normal!

    Now instead of sitting on the road, maybe these boys can get organised and make sure they know who they are voting for in the Majlis elections in a few months and why - it will make a bigger difference, don't you think?

  2. In Salalah we're cool even when we're chaotic... but let's hope stability returns as unresolved matters are settled.

  3. though the 2002 cyclone in Salalah arrived in May nothing that could develop into a cyclone at the moment - however Phet and Guno both arrived in June's 1st week - and probably after that the sea will be cooler than needed

  4. FOr all your cyclone needs: