Sunday, August 30, 2009

Freakin Fabulous Award

Not quite sure how these things work, but I've been awarded the Freaking Fabulous blog award by my friend Shahrazad ( Well, Shahrazad, I'm Freakin Honored!
Rules of the Award:
  • List Five Current Obsessions
  • Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs
  • ON your post receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.
  • When you post your winners, link it back to them as well.
  • Don't forget to let your winners know they won an award by leaving a comment on their blog.

Allrighty, so ... five current obsessions, hmmm....

  • Obsession One: Reading. I've been reading too much lately. Until 2 or 3 in the morning.
  • Obsession Two: Travelling. I'm getting itchy feet. I actually have a notebook where I'm keeping notes on the places I plan to go to. Need ... to ... travel.
  • Obsession Three: Nutella. I haven't had Nutella for months. In fact, I don't think I even like Nutella in real life, but because it's Ramadan and I'm fasting, I keep daydreaming about it.
  • Obsession Four: Yet again, because I'm fasting right now, I'm imagining a tall glass of home-made lemon iced tea with seven (yes seven) ice cubes. Yes it's an obsession and yes it's killing me.
  • Obsession Five: Discovering cool blogs. It has become an obsession. I'm so impressed with all the freakin' fabulous blogs out there, especially the ones about Oman.
Ok, so my winners are: *drumroll*:

(1) Shahrazad , not because she tagged me, and not because she's my friend, but because she's the best 'writer' among all the Omani English bloggers I follow. (and yes, I follow many blogs)
(2) Muawia Al Rawahi: .. The one I follow is in Arabic but he also has an English one; not as good as the Arabic one though. I know it seems weird, but that guy has a unique sense of humor. I actually found myself laughing out loud at his August 25th post. However, don't attack me here; I don't agree with some of what he says, but I'm not denying the fact that he's an excellent writer.
(3) Organica: ... again, an excellent writer with a great sense of humour. I follow her blog on an almost-daily basis because we share many of the same interests.
(4) Muscat Confidential: the one and only Muscat Confidential! .. We seem to think along the same lines.
I'm going to stick with 4 for the moment. Listen, I follow around 25 blogs on a regular basis. They're all great (because I don't read crappy blogs), so it's pretty hard to pick. I'm more attracted to blogs that are updated every day/couple of days. Impatient soul.


  1. Aww! This is fricking and freaking awesome!

    I feel the same way, Nadia. We have that connection. What can I say?

    My aunt has lived in Salalah for over 20 years. Maybe that is it?

  2. I actually have to add you as a friend on Facebook in order to get that Curry recipe?? Dude, you're mean!

  3. Hi Nadia i came over from Shahrazad's blog such a great thing you got going on here and congrats on the blog award :)

  4. too cool. love reading from someone so far away from me. Reminds me how much we are all the same.

  5. Your blog makes me really wish that we had visited Salalah when we went to Dubai. InshaAllah I'll get to see it someday.

  6. Whaaa.... two freakin fabulous awards in a week! Now that's something!
    thank you in millions "lassie" (Scottish for girl). I'm flattered :D

    I share with you most obsessions, tell me about the nutella crave, ahh!