Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oman TV - Part 2

I discovered that many bloggers have written nasty reviews about Oman TV and the Ministry of Information this week since the beginning of the beyond-horrid Ramadhan television series, namely Moawia Al Rawahi, Bader Al Hinai, etc. I smell revolution in the air. I received several comments and emails from readers regarding my Oman TV post (below). Fellow blogger (of Muscat Mutterings Blog) Sythe's comment was by far the best:
" Something I was going to blog, but decided against it, just because absolutely no one will be interested, was that Oman Mobile have recently announced that you can now watch Oman TV on your mobile phones. About the most practical extension for this that I can think of is either for people having trouble sleeping at night, they can whip out their phones and drift off to the sleepy programming on OmanTV, or it can be used as a mobile interrogation / torture device, where unsuspecting criminals are subjected to random forced viewings of Oman TV"
Forgive me if you don't find this funny. I went into at least three fits of hysterical laughter (one in the bathroom, if you really must know) imagining Oman TV being used in interrogation rooms. My imagination can run wild sometimes. Thank you Sythe for making my day.


  1. Nice.

    I sometimes wish Rupert Murdoch would buy a paper and a TV station in Oman...

  2. No, you wouldn't wish that upon the poor old man. One look at an Omani newspaper and he may go into a coma.

  3. haha - I'm glad to have made you smile :)