Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gogub & Categories

Yup, this place is called Gogub. High in the Dhofar Mountains!
It rained all morning. Cool and misty Salalah. Compared to my Airnoot session yesterday, I'm in no mood for humour today. I'm in a quiet thoughtful mood. Brainstorming mood. Inspirational mood. Dark mood. Would you believe that I still don't have any idea what I want to do with my life? C'mon Nadia, grow up, you should have SOME idea. But seriously, I don't. And guess what? I'm happy about it. The future is full of possibilities and you can never know what's going to come up in your life. If something comes to me, and I get 'that feeling', then I just go for it. I'm one of those people who wants to try and do everything. There are so many things I wants to experience; I don't have to follow the crowd. Creating my own path is more exciting. I hate it when people meet me and immediately want to label me or put me in some category. Do we all have to be categorized? People get nervous when they can't fit you into any of their categories. I'm like 'I work in this field, but that doesn't mean I'm an X ... I write but that doesn't mean I'm a writer ... ' It's weird; the world we have created for ourselves. I am me. Try to have a clear focus in your life and don't get so affected by other people.
I have something to say to a couple of people who emailed me. Ok, so my email is available through my blog because I'm open to any ideas and suggestions from readers. I have received SO MANY emails over the past five months from complete strangers all over the world telling me how much they enjoy reading my blog. Sometimes, I get emails with ideas for topics. It's great, and I thank everyone who writes to me. You inspire me, even if you don't know it. However, I did receive emails from people who just wanted to criticize. I did not answer them, because they don't deserve an answer, to be frank. So, my message is, 'If you don't like my blog, don't read the damn thing'. So many people in Salalah are totally taken aback by the idea of a Dhofari girl writing for the world wide web. Many of them find it indecent and outrageous. Many have written to me trying to find out who I am. Who cares what tribe I'm from, or who my family is or what connections I have? Who cares which university I studied at or what toothpaste I use? I'm writing to entertain you! It gives me pleasure.


  1. well, i like the taste of miswaak toothpaste. take it or leave it

  2. Blog away hon... there are a million and one readers who do not give a damn to who you may be, but give some good damn (:p) to the quality of posts you produce.

    I'm your NO.1 fan and you know it, sip your mornin cuppa' coffee before it's ramadhan and blog your life away :D

  3. Oh, Shahrazad, you're so sweet ... but ....(realization) ..... HEY YOU, you're one of the people who uncovered my identity!!! You kidnapped me and took me to Starbucks! You're one of THEM!So, should I add you to the black list? :-D

  4. How frustrating! I hate how some people use the internet to voice opinions they are too scared to share in real life. Don't let them bug you. If they care, that means what you're doing is important! Lots of Love ;)

  5. I didn't know you had an email that we could email you at! The stalker in me hasn't been activated, I think I was just too into your posts!

    I love your blog, I love to learn more and more about my hometown. The good, the bad, the ugly. BRING IT NADIA!

    I thought of starting my own blog, I have no idea what to write though.. So I'm going to put that on a hold until I figure something out.

  6. DhofariChick, email me, won't cha? The stalker in ME has been awakened. You should start your blog, then we can have like .. 'Dhofari Chicks Blogger's Network' and have meetings every year on the Garbeeb.

  7. Kudos to you and your blog, Nadia ;)!

  8. sorry Nadia but it's in our genes us Dhofaries.. lazim feena futhoul to know inti bit min? ;P