Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oman TV - Part 3

Ok, I give in. Although I am not a fan of Oman TV, I have a soft spot for animation, and guys believe me, Omanis in animation are funny. Meet Eid & Saeed, Oman TV's Beavis & Butthead. They don't talk. They just grunt and go 'Huh?' every three seconds. Your average caveman. Yet again Omanis being portrayed as dumb villagers. But, hey, yesterday's episode of them trying to crack open a watermelon was kinda amusing. Although I was ashamed to see that many of the graphic designers and artists behind this creation are not Omani. Why weren't young talented Omanis hired for this?
Note: (Anyone can watch this. It's not in Arabic)


  1. Because there probably aren't any Omani animators. I don't think people see that as a secure career here in Oman.
    Maybe that's why there isn't fresh talent in the MOI.

  2. All students who study Graphic Design at Omani universities and colleges take at least one course in animation. I've seen a lot of their work at various exhibitions. A little training and they could have produced Eid & Saeed.

  3. you really made me laugh by comparing them to Beavis & Butthead ... i have not heard anyone refer to them for a while now ...

    its nice to see that the animated icons of our generation have (probably) inspired Eid wa Saeed!

    Great Blog BTW

  4. Hey Omanymous, your first comment! If you're Omani, how did you know about Beavis and Butthead? :)

  5. How nice to see a kind word for Eid and Saeed - I'm really rather enjoying the series!

  6. Muscato, I'm actually enjoying them too. They're funny.

  7. i have ZERO kind words for the series.
    I am completely neutral on Oman TV being crap, but don't mess with animations grr


  8. Hmmm, I actually was looking forward to seeing Eid & Saeed, but became disappointed :(

    I mean, the whole 7 minutes of the animation is them trying to either open a fridge, or a watermelon, or watch tv.

  9. Off topic, but I thought I'd respond to the anonymous person a few posts ago who warned you that your blog might be destroyed like Arby's.

    I don't know, but I suspect that this is a person from long ago--whom I'd forgotten--but who doesn't like me and thought I was creepy. He warned various bloggers anonymously about me. It was kind of funny to see him in action, guarding people against me.

    I'd forgotten about him, honestly, for years! :p Gave me a start and a chuckle to see him again...if it is he.

    Anyway, Arby's blog is not "destroyed"! That's a belly laugh! :p Arby's blog is going strong at a different address and she's still a great pal of mine.

    Well, there it is for what little it's worth. I trust you to make up your own mind whether I am putting evil creepy spells on you or not. ;)

  10. Hi Nadia,
    It seems that you've got only one or two good shows on TV over there. Here in the UK there are 5 terrestrial channels plus hundreds of cable ones; spoiled for choices right? Actually no, most shows are utterly rubbish. That's why I guess more and more people turn to computers;, interactivity, freedom of choice, fun.
    Hope you had a chance to look at my blog too

  11. I watched one episode in youtube. One thing I really like, is the talk-free concept! We've been the mockery of many nations because of our strong accent (Qu7y). Emaratis in particular! You can't blame them though, that's what we portray through our superb Omani tv series , it's the qu77iest and the taste-less you can ever find! It doesn't even depict the real accent we use, high pitched, very blunt and yuckish!

    Off-topic, Jeff... it's been a while! How come you never visited my blog :( I'm Arby's sister in ES if you still remember?!

    Nadia, take good care of Jeff while he's in the custody of your blog! He's one of those pure souls you hardly find these days :D

  12. Girl... I'm pleased to announce that you've been chosen for the "freakin fabulous award" here:

    Go check!

  13. Because of the fact it was done by a small team on a low budget, and since this is the first attempt in Oman, I really applaud them.

    Sure, no where close to the UAE Fareej animation, but this is decent. I just hope they continue and add sounds and more complex story lines!